Like the NY Mets, Someone Please Buy Sprint

30 Jun

The Coffee at Starbucks is fine, but most people are at Starbucks, more for the Mobile Data. And with One’s Mobile Data Service coming from Sprint via Subsidiaries called Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, may mean evenings in Wireless Fidelity Locations. And I would rather enjoy Fresh Air than Mechanically Cooled Air, though in polluted and humid air, “Laudato Si” will not apply here.
And in the case of Sprint, I do notice that as much as you advertise over the US Television Networks, you guys don’t really have much of a National Network, let alone one which can be utilized in Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill and Woodhaven in the NYC Borough of Queens. This is NOT FUN.
My Immediate Suggestion is for Softbank to either “S–t or get off the pot”, in regards to Sprint. You gotta do something to prevent Customer Defections.
As for The Wilpons In Regards to the NY Mets:



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