“3% Of 3%”(On Gaytrimony)

1 Jul

It has been estimated that 3% of the United States Of America, A Nation of the Ecclesial Community Of MAN, eschewing through the  Diety of MAN via a Constitution which eschews The Social Kingship Of Christ The King, is Homosexually Disoriented.
And only 3% of that Population, an estimated 29,700 would exercise their “Constitutional Right” to enter into the Equivalent of Marriage, done without the recognition of The Triune God, which amounts to NOTHING More than a mere Technical Civil Union in Practice and on Paper.
This means that most Homosexuals wouldn’t even think of Gaytrimony, considering their Lifestyle is often a Promiscuous one.
This Whole Thing was done to go after One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, as well as to line the pockets of Unscrupulous Barristers, members of a Native American Tribe called Sosumi(So Sue Me).
This was part of a Homily given on the 5th Sunday After Pentecost (Tridentine Calendar in the Catholic Church).

America Bless God. God Save America.

Vivat Jesus


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