The Parent Company & Subsidiary

2 Jul

T-MOBILE has built a great network. In fact that Metro PCS is fully part of it, means one can really get a real bargain. Whereas T-MOBILE is the “Uncarrier”, and having gone to No Contract Service, well I was able to look at bargains online. Sure as anything, $80 buys unlimited 4G LTE with The Parent Company, but their bargain carrier, Metro PCS, sells unlimited for $60.
It works similarly on AT&T, under Cricket Wireless. At $60, 10GB is High Speed 4G LTE. Yet, on AT&T GO Phone, $60 buys 4GB of 4G LTE.
This got me a chance to get away from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile, though at $35 and 2.5 GB, the signal from towers, is horrible. I had thought about Sprint’s Boost Mobile, I realized that Sprint’s Service just blows. It was just time to go.
And Starbucks will see less of my money. And isn’t that a Great Thing.


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