“NO” Observation

3 Jul

“NO” in this case means Novus Ordo or New Order. It was in the “Vetus Ordo” or Old Order Roman Rite Catholic Primary Liturgy, called The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass of The Council Of Trento, when The Priest offered the Primary Liturgy facing Liturgical East towards Jerusalem and not Liturgical West towards Portofino Restaurant.

For My Most Dear Friend asked a Question which must be asked Today in the case of the Current Roman Rite Catholic Primary Liturgy:
“WHY Does The Priest have his back turned away from God?”

You have to expect this when a Liturgy, Not passed down through Tradition, is artificially put together by Committee, through Consultation with Men of Heretical Sects(Protestants), while adding pieces from the Eastern Churches, to create something to upset the Core Roman Rite Catholic Constuency.

Time to Abolish The Novus Ordo Liturgy is NOW.

Kyrie Elaison



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