Whilst At Coffee Still On 4G LTE & Catholicism

3 Jul

You may have guessed it that I am in Laptop Central, also called Starbucks, religiously mocked by Canadian Curmudgeon, The Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy, who once asked one night on “CBC News-The National”, whether any self respecting Canadian would care to be served one’s “Cuppa Joe” by a “Barrista”, a Fancified Term for Coffee Server.

At Tim Horton’s, it is the Strong Brew, whilst at Starbucks, it’s Atmosphere and a Wireless Fidelity Connection. Why? It seems that in the Interest of those with Data Plans on their fancier than average mobiles, the Data Packages for their iPhone 6S, is a huge sum for Paltry Service. Who knows just how much Verizon Wireless, said to be the Best Service since the coming of Television, will charge for 10 GB of Data. Do the words “Arm & A Leg” mean anything to you?

For I remember Bluetooth Connections between a Palm PDA and a T-Mobile Feature Phone. AT&T Wireless, when seperated from the Main Company, played like it was Ma Bell with loads of fees & Limited Text Messaging. T-Mobile treated Texters properly while AT&T Wireless found ways to hold everything to 100 Text Messages per user.The Young liked Text Messaging, which led them to T-Mobile.

Currently, I am breaking my fast after receiving Holy Communion at Mass on the Feast of St. Thomas Apostle, The Apostle who Brought Christ’s Church to India. He was the Easternmost of The Twelve Apostles. Two Eastern Catholic Churches were brought to Fruition in India. Thomas(Didymus), which means Twin, in The Upper Room, was told by Jesus, to put his hands into The Wounds of The Lord and Savior. Thomas exclaimed “My Lord and My God”(Dominus Meus et Deus Meus).
This is a Short Ejaculation Prayer acknowledging The Corporeal Real, Substantial Presence of The Christ In The Eucharist, in Body & Blood, under the APPEARANCE of Bread & Wine.

The Word Of One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church must go out there, that Christ’s Church does NOT SUBSIST in The Catholic Church.

Hence, as to all this extra data being required, Christ’s Church, The Bride Of Christ IS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. NO Ifs, Ands or Buts.

Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus


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