E. Michael Jones, G. Michael Voris & The SSPX

5 Jul

Tends to be in agreement with G. Michael Voris. E. Michael Jones attacks the SSPX.
E. Michael Jones lives in South Bend, IN, Home to University Of Notre Dame, a CINO University(Catholic In Name Only).

Mr Jones, a Convert originally from Philadelphia, PA, publishes “Culture Wars Magazine.”

Also located in South Bend, IN, is a Member of Opus Dei, who is a Moody’s Investor called Marc Brammer.

Brammer is planning to set up a Catholic Think Tank, bringing with him Messsers G. Michael Voris & E. Michael Jones. How much of this “Think Tank” will be mostly the “Thoughts of Chairman Marc”, mostly the thoughts of Opus Dei, the Precursor of Vatican II and anything but Traditional Catholicity?

Kyrie Elaison


6 Responses to “E. Michael Jones, G. Michael Voris & The SSPX”

  1. Bob 2015/07/06 at 07:55 #

    Interesting – where did you get this information?

  2. Stephen Dalton 2015/07/06 at 13:10 #

    I used to subscribe to Jones’s Culture Wars magazine, until he came out as Pro-Muslim. I tried to reason with Jones on how insane his new position on Islam was, but he wouldn’t listen. Bob Sungenis tried to reason with him too, but failed. Now, Jones is teaming up with a guy who won’t criticize the Pope, no matter how bad or stupid his statements or actions are. They ought to make a real dynamic duo!

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/07/06 at 13:20 #

      Both are lackeys of Opus Dei Numerary Marc Brammer(E Michael Jones and G Michael Voris). In reading the Comboxes on “The American Catholic”, the Illustrious “Chrissy Denial” is on there, denying any connection between Voris and Jones.

      Who is SHE Kidding?

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/07/13 at 03:57 #

      They Deserve One Another, especially with Brammer calling all the shots.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/07/16 at 19:31 #

      Breaking from Louie Verrecchio: It looks like a Texas Fatcat is the Guy who owns and controls Michael Voris. That Fatcat is none other than, after my intel work as well as having been on the receiving end of certain, long winded tirades, Terry Carroll.

  3. A Roaming Catholic 2015/07/06 at 13:14 #

    Do read The American Catholic from 2012 in regards to a Post from Mark Shea in regards to Michael Voris, Marc Brammer and E. Michael Jones. Jones is associated with an Anti Jewish Russian Orthodox “Monk” called Brother Nathaniel Kapner, who has an Anti Jewish Website called “Real Jew News.”

    I think that this is rather enlightening.


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