Catholic Blogs To Support

20 Jul

My recommendations are as follows:
The Remmant Newspaper is Highly Recommended. They have a keenly intellectual CATHOLIC STYLE to them. If you want One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, they are Fine and they have a bit of Humourous Style to them;

Catholic Family News is straight and orthodox. There is also some Humourous Style there;

Harvesting The Fruit Of The Vatican II by Louie Verrecchio is highly recommended here. The journalism is great and Louie Verrecchio is orthodox to the core & there is humor here as well;

Rorate Caeli, an International Catholic Blog, tells it like it is;

Mundabor’s Blog tells it like it is;

Also, The American Catholic is well worth reading as well as “What Does The Prayer Say” by Father Z, himself a Convert.
Also add “A Heart For God” by Michael Bowen, who warns The Faithful of The Satanic Black Mass Origins of “Kiss My(Bleep)”;

And Now for Something NOT Worth $10 per Month:
These People actually patrol other people”s blogs and Comboxes, looking for Potential Enemies, who may NOT agree with the Star of this site, Michael Voris.
These People condemn the Society of St. Pius X by telling the world that the SSPX are in Schism, when in fact the SSPX are NOT in Schism. If you disagree with this bunch, who believe that this screed about the SSPX is True, then you are banned from commenting on anything there.
Forget about this group getting your support.



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