Papa Bergoglio, Bill De Blasio, Global Warming & CBC News

22 Jul

In the case of the Anti Global Warming Movement, which would cause CBC’s Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy a couple of minutes of Gastrointestinal Discomfort, followed by several minutes of thoughtful though snarky observations, His Holiness Pope Francis spoke about Global Warming.
So did a gent, who was born on the Island of Manhattan and raised riding the “T” in Boston, of Revolutionary Spirit, Warren William De Blasio Wilhelm.
It was “The Holy See Meets The Mayors of The Cities of The World In Regards To Climate Change.”

It was not unusual to see Papa Bergoglio on CBC News The National. It was a bit strange seeing NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio though. But then his City, which is where I was born and raised(Brooklyn), will be a site of a UN Meeting where His Holiness will address that August, Godless Body, a place on 1st Avenue in the East 40s by Tudor City, in a Neighborhood once called Turtle Bay. My Dad once recommended taking a couple of giant bulldozers and shoving the United Nations Complex into the murky waters of the East River, a Strait of Salt Water which is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean.
Pope Paul VI(Papa Montini) addressed the UN on October 4th, 1965. He later went to Yankee Stadium I to offer Mass. Vatican II was still in Session.

I hardly watch TV from New York City, but was watching CBC News The National “On The Mobile”, as the Redoubtable Mr Peter Mansbridge would put it. And it is there that I would see The Mayor of The City of New York.

It was the Hot Air of Global Warming which was discussed.

No doubt, Rex Murphy would wretch!



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