Planned Parenthood’s Body-Part Bonanza | National Review Online

22 Jul

I realize that The Left loves speaking in Ambiguous Code.
And Planned Parenthood is no exception, using words like Planned & Parenthood. One would think this is a Nonprofit Counseling Service.
Rather, these are High Powered, High Volume Business People who have neither Conscience nor Morals. Death is their business.

Like Professional Car Thieves, it is parts which are valuable. Harvesting Organs is a Multibillion $$$ Business.
These are Professional Life Thieves, with all the Coldness of Dry Ice.

In the use of Ambiguous Code Language, came “Marriage Equality” which actually means so called “Marriage” to a Partner of the Same Gender. There is no chance of Natural Procreative Activity. Everything done is artificially. Just ask Sir Elton John.
He and his partner’s 1st Child has an unnatural # of Grandparents. That would include Sir Elton’s Parents, his partner’s Parents, and the Artificially Inseminated Mother’s Parents. The child is going to be labled in school as Rather Odd with Three Sets of Grandparents.
Hence, No Such Bird as Marriage Equality even exists. Nothing is Natural about it.

I used to wonder if the Pro Life Movement should use the Same Tactics as The Pro Infanticide Movement.
But, since Vatican II, which was a Modernist Convention of Obfustication and Ambiguity, which refused to use the Linguistic Precision of St. Thomas Aquinas, It is better to be straighforward, even if people be turned off, because our movement is about Truth.

Never LOWER Yourself to The Enemy’s Standards, for THEY HAVE NONE.They have an “On The Fly Magisterium“, which changes by whichever way “The Wind Is Blowing.”

Vivat Jesus!
Vivat Christus Rex!


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