The Silly Season Of The Utterly Unsingable(Table Of Plenty)

26 Jul

If you are Catholic of The Roman Rite, I trust that you know what I am talking about. This time of year, some of the Most Unsingable Liturgical Music is played.
Take “Table Of Plenty”. Please! I think that the Late, Great Henny Youngman, a Jewish Man of Cornball Humor, who grew up in Brooklyn, is appropriately paraphrased here. This Song is “Utter Schutte”, as it is choppy, off key and Fishwrap. It does NOT Allow one to offer Supplication to The Lord. It is, as My Most Dear Friend would put it, a “Bread Song” with overtones which may cause “Intestinal Distress”, which may lead to standing in Queue in a Place of Nausea Relief, called a Vomitarium.
Why do I say that this Song is “Utter Schutte”? Because former St. Louis University Based Jesuit Priest, Dan Schutte, now based in San Francisco, CA, as a Liturgical Music Writer and Consultant, wrote this Song, which could be used to torture Prisoners of War in any nation. IT IS THAT BAD.

I would sooner, listen to Tim Mc Carver, regaling us with Derek Jeter’s Accomplishments.

“Whatever That’s Worth!”(From a comment by Christopher Ferrara).



2 Responses to “The Silly Season Of The Utterly Unsingable(Table Of Plenty)”

  1. joanchakonas 2015/08/25 at 15:54 #

    That’s a good one; pure Schutte. I gotta remember that!! Very appropriate and right on!

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/08/25 at 16:26 #

      Joan, Dan Schutte is part of a group called the “Saint Louis Jesuits”, who gave us the kind of Muzak that one may end up on a queue to the nearest “Vomitarium.”
      The St. Louis Jesuits, whose “Muzak” is so Syrupy that one could contract “Auricular Diabetic Syndrome”, are a bunch of Ageing Hippy Priests, members of the Very Same Order who give us Papa Bergoglio, the Current Pope, who once offered a “Pinocchio Mass” in Buenos Aires, which also includes Dancers and looks like a Disney Channel Special.

      The Saint Louis Jesuits are the Music Consultants to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Talk about “Tone Deaf American Prelates”, who go along with this crap!

      For I once heard a Parishioner of OLQM call “Gift Of Finest Wheat”, so “Awe Inspiring.”
      I often wonder if half the people in The Pews are even CATHOLIC, or have been reading too much from Deacon Greg Kandra & NOT Enough of The Catholic Apologist who ripped into Greg Kandra, Twice, The Great Louie Verrecchio?

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