A Morning Of Father’s “Frank”Ness

30 Jul

On “The Last Judgement”:
The Gospel spoke of Jesus & how when fish are caught, one saves the good fish and throws away the bad fish.
That is the way it is at “The Last Judgement”, when God seperates the Wheat from the Chaff. And so I heard a good homily.
Fr Frank Passenant, he was once a Catholic Chaplain in a Penal Colony called Rikers Island, spoke about “The Last Judgement”, in terms of People not often receiving true justice. One often wonders as to WHY certain people in this world seem to beat the system while truly guilty of greater things. It makes one wonder.
Father remembers the time in Rikers as when it made him wonder if certain inmates actually received justice or was the Lawyer just playing Politics. That Possibility always exists.
But, God’s Mercy & Justice are Perfect.
God does not play Politics, But Man sure does. But Man does not always realize that God IS THE POWER.

Kyrie Elaison!


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