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13th Sunday After Pentecost(Byzantine)

31 Aug

The Gospel According to Saint Matthew is about the Parable of The Vineyard. This time it is from the Byzantine Rite Catholic Perspective. I tend to hear a better Homily from Priests in the Byzantine Rite. There, it is NO FLUFF.
One listens to the Gospel Reading by the Deacon, who was an actual Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Priest. Acting as Deacon was Fr Peter Shykstra, Principal of St. George Academy High School on Taras Schevshenko Place between East 6th & East 7th Street in Manhattan’s East Village.
The Celebrant was Very Reverend Fr Bernard Panzcuk, Regional Superior of The Order Of St Basil The Great(Ordo Sancti Basilli Magni), & Pastor of Saint George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, of the Byzantine Rite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Stamford, CT. This Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Byzantine Rite Catholic, is AWESOME.

If you worship at the Tridentine Latin Mass, you will feel at home, in both the fact that the Priest faces East towards Jerusalem & that the Actual Divine Liturgy is sung or chanted. There are periods when the Priest offers Prayers in a Low Voice.
Those of you who go, mostly to the Novus Ordo Mass, you will find this Liturgy something of a Shock to your Sensus Catholicus. A number of the “Prayers of The Faithful” are derivatives of the Litanies of The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom & Divine Liturgy of St Basil The Great. Standing for Holy Communion is derived from Byzantine Practice. So is receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, but you cannot receive Holy Communion A Mano(In The Hand). One, properly disposed in a State of Grace, receives both Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ via a Gold Plated Holy Communion Spoon. One tips head back and the Priest or Deacon drops the Consecrated Species in your mouth. For those of you of the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Priest recites the Prayer “The Servant of God(The Handmaid of God) receives The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ unto Eternal Life, Amen. To those of You who usually assist at the Novus Ordo Mass, do not put hands forward. Do not respond with “Amen.”

In the Gospel of St. Matthew, this is the Parable of the Vineyard.
The Vineyard Master is God The Father. The Vinedressers or Landlessees are The Pharisees, who persecute, relentlessly, the Representatives of The Master(The Prophets). Then the Son of The Master Is Jesus.
The Vinedressers weren’t producing abundant fruit nor good fruit, so The Master decided to send His Son, so that they may listen to the Son. But the Vinedressers of The Vineyard decided to bind the Son up and Kill Him.
For the Vineyard itself and the the Fruit therein, are the People of Israel. And the Pharisees(The High Priests) were lording it over the People, acting as if The Pharisees were “The Show”, laying burdens on their People, which the Pharisees themselves would never take upon themselves.

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Jesus Christ, replaced the Pharisetical Judaism & bore Good Fruit. The Pharisees lost sight of God.

Praise Be Jesus Christ, Now And Forever.

Deo Gratias!


1600 Hrs In Byzantine Rite

30 Aug

In the Byzantine Rite of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, one is fully in Union with the Holy See & one experiences awe and wonder.
And it is offered in the local language of the people. There are no Organists, no guitar players, no “Muzak” which will cause one to stand in queue in what My Most Dear Friend calls the “Vomitarium” & the Prayers are sung by Priest, Deacon & Congregation.
So, after a Period of Preparation, I will head over to East 7th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenue for the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of The Church, Patron Saint of Preachers In One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, Tridentine Latin Mass Calendar On January 27th, & Novus Ordo Calendar on September 13th, except 2015 which is a Sunday in Ordinary Time). And one will NOT be singing “Table Of Plenty”, a Dan Schutte Tune, nor the Ultra Treacly “Gift Of Finest Wheat”, a Hymn which causes My Most Dear Friend to become enraged. The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is Timeless Liturgy.

To those of You who usually assist at the Tridentine Latin Mass, this The Sacred Readings are Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia & Gospel. Don’t Worry, for you will feel at home.

Deo Gratias!


A-CNN – The Pope is Always Right(Satire Of Voris)

29 Aug

Nice Satire! On The Site of “The Remnant Newspaper” is real discussion NOT SUBJECT To The Whims of Gary Michael Voris, Simon “Says” Rafe & MRS NILES(Censor Pro Cardinalum Carolum In Nomini Pax VORIScum).

Kyrie Elaison!


The Story of Fr Felix Varela

26 Aug

Vimeo is used for mostly artistic exhibition of my videos.

For more Public Exhibition, Dailymotion is my choice.

You Tube in most cases is out of the question.

“The Parade Of The Hands Out”

24 Aug

It was Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at the 10:30 AM Mass at a Roman Catholic Parish in Queens, in the RC Diocese of Brooklyn. It was time for the Reception of Holy Communion.

When things were Sacred & Proper, AMNO(Ante Missa Novus Ordo), or Before The New Mass, one knelt at a Communion Rail and received Corpus Christi(The Body of Christ) on one’s tongue in the Roman Rite, also called the Latin Rite.

As people lined up to receive Holy Communion, their hands were jutted foreward. There was the Bow before receiving Holy Communion. It was almost as if this was a Snack Line. Ever Since Communion A Mano(In The Hand) was introduced in the United States through the Connivance of Archbishop Joseph Bernadin of Cincinnati, OH, fixing a Ballot of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops as if he was Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago, IL, an Archdiocese which he received the Red Biretta as a Prince of The Catholic Church. Sadly, the Most Blessed Sacrament of The Altar, was being taught to Catholic School and Confraternity Classes as a “Group Meal.”
But, in the effort to make Protestants a group of “Happy Campers”, the Missa Novus Ordo was NOT presented as a Sacrifice, but as an Assembly with Priest as Presider over a Sacred Meeting.

So at yesterday’s Mass, where the Pastor was to head to a new assignment in another state, I viewed perhaps the largest procession of Hands Out ever seen by me. There were people who were in their 80s seen receiving Sancte Communion A Mano. This was TOTALLY Impossible 50 Years ago.

In the Priest’s Homily, he spoke of The “Go With The Flow” Mentality. But there were a few that refused to go with that flow and received Sancte Communion A Lingua(On The Tongue).

For me, IT IS THE ONLY WAY To Do It, along with a few others.

Besides, We Aren’t PRIESTS.

Kyrie Elaison!


In Making A Special Presentation On Vimeo

24 Aug

Number I:
If it is Special, DON’T “Go With The Flow.” Doing WHAT Everyone Else does, such as uploading to You Tube, is merely “Following The Crowd.”
I first discovered this when shooting the rather massive 2011 Historic Coverage of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage, which is exclusively on Dailymotion, the World’s Second Largest Video Site. Coverage of The Events were uploaded to You Tube, where it was largely ignored, save for one round which was mostly watched in Canada.

So much for the “Go With Flow” Crowd! The “Flow”, in this case would be the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. People paid little attention to You Tube, much greater attention on Vimeo & a good deal of attention on Dailymotion.

Number II
In order to receive credit for an actual view of a video, a viewer has to watch over 50% of the Actual Video. This is how views are actually recorded on Vimeo. Not only that, but the Video Producer cannot click up his or her own views. One wonders just how many Views on You Tube are of this standard which Vimeo has. Below 50% on Vimeo, a Load is credited.

So, to the ones who appear in their local Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, being carried on You Tube, one wonders just how many times the winning comtestants are clicking for what amounts to a load on Vimeo?

So on Vimeo, a View is where over 50% of the Video is actually watched. The View Count is REAL.

I can live with that. Someone actually watched the Video.

Deo Gratias!


Farewell Mass Msgr Wielunski JCD Pt II Stream

24 Aug

Farewell Mass Msgr Gregory Wielunski JCD Pt I

24 Aug
The Pastor of St. Pancras RC Church in Glendale, Queens, NY, is headed to the RC Archdiocese of Miami as Judicial Vicar at the Tribunal.

Laus Tibi Christe!


Sharing video The Story Of Fr Felix Varela

23 Aug

“Who Are The Cardinals You Spoke To, MR Voris?”

22 Aug

In the case of Michael Voris, he claimed that he spoke to Cardinals in The Vatican, who told him that the SSPX are in Schism.


Are they as follows:
Ozzie Cardinal Smith, currently in Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;
Louis Cardinal Brock, currently in Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;
Robert Cardinal Gibson, currently in Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;
James Timothy Cardinal Mc Carver, in the Broadcasters’ Wing of Baseball’s Hall Of Fame;

Wait! These are former St. Louis Cardinals.
There is even an Actual Cardinal, a Jovial Cardinal Prince Of The Church, whose 1st Name is Timothy & he grew up in the RC Archdiocese of St. Louis. I know that he & you haven’t been on “Speaking Terms” since March 17th, 2015.

What other sources do you have?

Are they the assorted “Rocket Scientists” who call into SportsRadio 66(& 101.9 FM), WFAN in New York?

Keep this up & you’ll have all the Credibility of Al Sharpton in the Tawana Brawley Caper;

And THAT will be NONE;

For your Penance, may you be seated BETWEEN Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver on FOX Saturday Baseball & forced to listen in SILENCE.

Kyrie Elaison!