Dailymotion Over You Tube, Any Day

3 Aug

I refuse to be a Lemming.

You Tube is where The Crowd goes to upload videos. But just because everyone else goes there, do I have to follow the Crowd?
Then there is “The Road Which Is Less Travelled.” And so I use the Less Travelled Route. And with Quality Video, I use a High Quality Video Sharing Service. Dailymotion is such a Service. It is NOT loaded with loads of Immature Teens, who have problems with Literacy, let alone Manners. For something as newsworthy as a Catholic Mass of Thanksgiving being offered by a Newly Consecrated Bishop, why would I upload the Coverage to a Video Sharing Service, more noted for being the Home to the “Illiterati.”  It would make no sense to do so.
Videos appear sharper on Dailymotion, especially in High Definition 720p. I am able to upload videos directly to the Dailymotion Website from the Mobile Phone without the App. And Viewing Numbers are pretty good on the Service, as the Viewers are more into Quality than Utter Silliness.
I have a project in mind. It will not be going the You Tube Route. I want my work viewed minus the Inane Comments of “The Illiterati.”

It will be on Dailymotion, where Viewers are Thinkers and are often Producers.



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