Dailymotion(Vimeo Is The Back Up)

4 Aug

As far as I am concerned, any Video Production which is not a Live Video Sharing Production, will be headed to Dailymotion. The Number 2 Service is Vimeo. Both are Good Quality Video Sharing Services.

I refuse to be a Lemming by following the You Tube Paradigm. You Tube is a good place to end up in Oblivion.

It was via Dailymotion in 2011 when Second Round Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage was linked from Dailymotion to the Belgian Website of Europe’s Largest Privately Owned Broadcaster, RTL, when I had produced and directed the Competition Videos. It has not occurred since then. And Dailymotion outdrew the You Tube Version of The Coverage. The Competition received a rather unique form of Recognition.

Why Mess with Success? There was an Audience out there which went untapped until 2011.

The Same can be said for Vimeo. Someone shot a Video of a Tornado touching down in The Rockaways in Queens. I shot a Video of The Aftermath plus Storm Clouds and uploaded it to Vimeo. I ended up with over 500 Views on Vimeo. There was an Audience not caring to watch You Tube. The You Tube Video got picked up by The Weather Channel. Mine was not but getting over 500 Views on Vimeo was cool.

I don’t need You Tube.



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