“Fred” On Dailymotion & You Tube(Humorous)

5 Aug

On Dailymotion, you get Artists named Fred & One Episode of the You Tube Series, which is NOT In High Definition.

Trust Me as You Tube is NOT Exactly the Home of Intelligent Programming, except for Remnant TV(Matt & Ferrara)&, on certain occassions, Voris(When he isn’t reporting that Cardinal Dolan passed wind on a NYC Subway Platform). “Fred The Series” is about a whiny, screwed up child of 7, played by a 16 Year Old.

“Fred50” would be something, as “Fred” will whine about the SSPX & Cardinal Dolan. “Fred” will come out of a “Warehouse Of Toys and Gadgets In Detroit.”
“Fred” will have his very own “Fredgisterium”, like the “Pope he thinks he is.”
And “Fred” will tell about Chris Christie’s Birth Control by saying “His Face is a Birth Control Device.”
“Fred” will have forgotten about “Judy”, by now, instead relying on whatever “Chrissy” tells him what to say and do.

“Fred50”, at 8:30 Eastern, 7:30 Central, Friday Night on FOX.


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