“It’s OVER, Mr Voris. Got It?”

14 Aug

Your “House Of Censorship”, where someone of a more orthodox thought of the Teaching of One, Holy, Catholic & Appstolic Church, is censored by either your “Cub Reporters”, or someone named “Denial.”

You People act as if you are the ONLY SHOW dedicated to One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, when there are Sites which are more orthodox. Those are the sites you stabbed in the back from “The Warehouse Of Toys and Gadgets In Detroit.”

I suspect that your underlings are patrolling comboxes on the more orthodox Catholic sites. Why else do you seek to ban comments, UNLESS the Commenter can be trusted to agree with WHATEVER “Fearless Leader” says.

WHY should one PAY for the Honour of being censored and belittled by “Fearless Leader”, whoever he or she is?

Besides, it will save US$10 per month.

You people are more “Neo Catholic” than The Vatican.



5 Responses to ““It’s OVER, Mr Voris. Got It?””

  1. Stephen Dalton 2015/08/15 at 18:20 #

    Mikey’s true character is showing big time. First, he lied about his “Emmy’s” that never were. Now, he deliberately twists the words of a respected prince of the Church to make them fit his agenda against the SSPX. I think we’re beginning to see the unraveling of a lifetime of lies Voris has told over the years. It will be Corapi Redux IMHO.

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