On Gregorian Chant & Post Vatican II Muzak

20 Aug

I look at Latin as a Language of Both Precision & Music. What I do enjoy is Gregorian Chant.

What surprised me was that Christopher Walker, noted for the Famous Rendition of The “Celtic Alleluia”, and co authored with the Late Fintan O’Carroll, a chant which had been overplayed since the 1995 Visit of Pope St. John Paul II, wrote a Masterpiece in 1997 called “Laudate, Laudate, Dominum”, with the Refrain in Latin. I even have a download of it for free.

However the Original “Ubi Caritas et amor” works beautifully as chant. The Oregon Catholic Press version by a Mr Bob Hurd, is on my “Nyet, Nyet” List. The Chant is not the Original but with a couple of words changed (Es Vero, Es Vero)and then Hurd’s Treacly Lyrics, enough to cause one to head to the nearest Vomitarium(My Most Dear Friend came up with the word Vomitarium, as well as Nyet Nyet, to substitute for Si’ in the latest Papal “Recyclical”, called Laudato Si’, which is no Papal Encyclical in the True Sense of the word Encyclical).

Even in Latin, Marty Haugen’s Music would still be cause for Intervention by the Geneva Convention. Long Lines at Vomitariums would occur. It would be appropriate, in fact, mandatory to classify it as “Gagorian Chant.”

Gagorian Chant occurs in many Novus Ordo Mass Parishes on Sundays, especially in the Summer. It is Music which induces people to utter fury and is unsingable or sung by The assorted “Rocket Scientists”, who spend time at the Beach getting sunburned a bit too often. It is often “The Music you threw up to” after three too many cups of coffee, lukewarm at Starbucks. When someone calls “Gift Of Finest Wheat” an “Awe Inspiring Experience”, someone has had too many Espressos at Starbucks+refills. The Caffeine does it to that person. Somebody needs to detoxify.

Like Dennis Miller says and it is appropriate here, “I’m Outta Here.”

Kyrie Elaison!


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