Summer Ends At 4:21AM EDT On Wednesday, 09/23/2015

21 Sep

But the Comfortable Weather Is beginning to come in. In short, it is Jacket Weather. And it feels good as the Mosquitos are not making their appearance.
Just last week, there was heat & it was rather uncomfortable. Even Air Conditioned Buses were a bit too warm.
It felt like The Summer That Would NOT Go Away. It was NOT unlike The Winter of 2014, that Winter had a Blizzard which arrived after a 60°F Day, which was during Super Bowl XLVIII. There was enough Snow to donate to the Sochi Winter Olympics from that Snap Blizzard.
The Fall Equinox, the point where the Sun passes over The Equator, brings us to the Realization that Winter is not far off & a New Year is Nigh. And, as it has occurred in the Fall of The Year in New York, The Pope is coming to New York. Blessed Paul VI came in October of 1965. St. John Paul II came in October, 1979 & October, 1995, while Pope Francis I comes here in a few days, as Fall has begun. Only Pope Benedict XVI has come in April, 2008.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

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