Mo Rocca Played The Garden BUT…

5 Oct

He is a Gay CBS Commentator and Comic, who did a 1st Reading at the Portion of The Papal Novus Ordo Mass.
Well, this guy called “Gary From Detroit”, screamed about the Immorality of the Situation of having a Gay, Spanish Speaking Lector. Gary blamed Archbishop of New York, H. E. Timothy Cardinal Dolan for this mess & how dare Dolan insult H. H. Pope Francis I with the use of a Gay Lector.

But Gary, operating from the safety of his Bunker, from a Broadcast Centre called “The Warehouse In Detroit”( A Name Inspired by Christopher Ferrara JCD, Fittingly), was angered that The Pope was embarassed by such a stunt by Cardinal Dolan(Who Gary has not yet, accused of being the Cause of Global Warming).

Gary? In case you don’t remember, it was Pope Francis I, who named a Msgr Ricca as Liason between the Cardinals & the Vatican Bank, as well as putting Msgr Ricca in charge of The Papal Household at Domo Sancta Marta. Msgr Ricca once got caught boinking a houseboy in an elevator in South America. It is over appointing Msgr Ricca, known as a Flaming Old Queen, that the famous “Who Am I To Judge” phrase came about. But, Gary never criticizes the Pope, at least directly. Gary only beats up on Bishops & yells “Schism” at his latest favorite target, the Fraternity of Jesus & Mary Society of St Pius X(SSPX).

People Who Broadcast Lies & Falsehoods from a Warehouse Studio, shouldn’t throw stones


Kyrie Elaison

3 Responses to “Mo Rocca Played The Garden BUT…”

  1. Stephen Dalton 2015/10/06 at 13:16 #

    The hypocrisy of Voris is never ending. He rages at Dolan for allowing Mo Rocca to be a lector, but he completely ignores Ricca because he’s so close to the Pope. Who’s the greatest offender, Dolan who allowed Rocca to be a lector once, or Pope Francis, who allows Ricca to be a liason between the cardinals and the Vatican Bank and to be in charge of the Papal Household?

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/10/06 at 13:22 #

      WHO is VORIS Kidding? Along with Chrissy Denial, their Coverage was an Utter Farce, as Voris & Denial are “Water Carriers” of The Revolution.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/10/06 at 13:24 #

      Voris is NOTHING But a Stooge for a Texas Based Millionaire & Water Carrier For Opus Dei, Courtesy of Fr Nicholson.

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