Time After Pentecost & Ordinary Time

5 Oct

One Afterseason leads to Advent, while Ordinary Time can mean simply headed Somewhere. In the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Calendar is Specific, while the Calendar of the Missa Novus Ordo is Generic. Yesterday was the 19th Sunday After Pentecost & The Feast of St. Francis Of Assisi. While the Vestments were Green with a Commemoration of St. Francis Of Assisi, Yesterday’s Tridentine Latin Mass had Priest, Deacon & Subdeacon. The Deacon, who is a Priest of The RC Archdiocese of New York, proclaimed the Gospel of St Matthew, chanting it in Latin. The Celebrant Priest, who is Pastor of Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan, chanted the Epistle of St. Paul To The Thessalonians in Latin, while facing Eastward. The Gradual was chanted by the Schola in Latin.

Yesterday was The 27th Sunday In Ordinary Time. Yes, it was a Real Sunday. This Particular Sunday became part of a gag in the satirical “Eye Of The Tiber” website. The gag includes a DVD Video made by Fr Robert Barron, who produced the video series called “Catholicism.”

After the Proclamations of Epistle & Gospel in Latin is the Homily, but there is, Unofficially, the Reading of Epistle & Gospel in English. The Gospel spoke of The Great Wedding Feast & of a Man who didn’t wear the Proper Wedding Garment. The King is God. The Wedding Garment stands for Grace.

Both the Gloria In Excelcis Deo & Nicene Creed were sung as was the Agnus Dei and Kyrie.

Salve Regina was sung at the End Of The TLM.

“Silly” is NOT Sung at the Tridentine Latin Mass.

Deo Gratias!

Kyrie Elaison


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