“Purple For Spirit Day?”(Mass Of Reparation)

13 Oct

Spirit Day sounds so utterly haunted. It is so Pagan. To use a deep hue of Purple(Lavender) in a Secular Celebratory Sense, is a Celebration of Depravity, in this case being known as Intrisically Disordered Acts.
As the Traditional Day of The Commemoration of Christopher Columbus was actually celebrated on October 12th, there was Low Mass of Reparation on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan at Holy Innocents RC Church, when, as it was a Public Holiday, the Celebration of The Tridentine Latin Mass occurred at 1PM instead of at 6PM.
The Last Time I had gone to a Weekday Low Mass(Missa Lector) in Daytime, was when Lyndon Baines Johnson was the 36th President Of The United States Of America. That was on Friday, November 6th, 1964 in City Line, Brooklyn. That was at 11:00AM, when I was in Catholic ElementarySchool.
This Mass on Columbus Day was arrayed in Deep Hued Lavender for the purpose of being Penitential, for “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” was NOT OFFERED. And this was done as The Mass was offered “For Defence Of The Catholic Church & Faith”, as The Bride Of Christ is under attack, particularly in the Case of The “Synod Of Doom”(Credit Christopher Ferrara for calling it such).
As most people in this era would be surprised at a Tridentine Latin Mass at 1PM on a Weekday, Fr Leonard Villa, Pastor of Holy Innocents RC Church, had to explain the format. Foreign to most Massgoers of Today is receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, kneeling at the Altar Rail.

“O Mary Concceived Without Sin” was sung Three Times at the conclusion of Mass.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison


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