Paul Andre Durocher Inspired My Latest Passion Pour Baseballe

16 Oct

French Canadian Archbishop Paul Andre Durocher is the Bishop who called for Female Deacons in The Catholic Church. If the Russian Orthodox Churches can have them, Durocher says, as if he was Curt Schilling, “Why Not Us”(2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox).

My smart alecky comment of The Day in regards to “The Synod Of Doom(Credit Christopher Ferrara for this appropriate title)”, is “Throw Durocher Out.”

Only, that back in Brooklyn, NY, Durocher was NOT pronounced “Du Roe Shea”, but as “Daroshuh” and THAT Durocher was the Legendary Manager with the 1st Name of Leo, a Man of Considerable Ill Temperment, who had a Talent as Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, NY Giants, Chicago Cubs, & at the back end of his career, the Houston Astros, of arguing with Umpires & getting kicked out of Ballgames. He did manage the Brooklyn Dodgers to a couple of National League Pennants & the NY Giants to a couple of NL Pennants, including the 1954 World Series Championship, taking the Cleveland Indians in 4 Straight Games.

So, in between Catholic Church Articles, some Baseball will appear here. It has to. The NY Mets are now in the NL Championship Series. And they are facing the Chicago Cubs, who were once managed by Leo Durocher.

Play Ball!


Kyrie Elaison

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