The “Decentralized Church” Is NONE AT ALL

21 Oct

It is Time for The Author of “The Bergolian Heresy” to resign or be tried for HERESY.
The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church would be NOTHING MORE than the Eastern Orthodox Churches & like the Disjointed World of Anglicanism.
In short, “The Bride Of Christ” is under attack from Men who Have NO FAITH & are OWNED by a Sinister Dark Force, while speaking Platitudes, in couched language.
My Most Dear Friend, a Convert, coined the phrase “Bergoglian Heresy”, which describes the current Disaster. She hasn’t trusted this Pope since Day Two.
Any Pope who changes Imutable Church Doctrine by Stealth, such as was done on 09/01/2015 with a Motu Proprio, destroying safeguards in regards to Annuling Marriages or tries to create what amounts to Divorce, contrary to the Ineffable Teaching of Christ Himself, may he GET OUT.
DITTO, the Neo Catholic Internet Commentators who act as Papalotrists and Enablers, as well as those Men in Holy Orders.

Pray On, Dear Faithful, Pray On!

Kyrie Elaison


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