He Directs The Big Game & Now He’s Seriously Ill

27 Oct

Unlike much of Red Sox Nation, I grew up hating the NY Yankees like you do, but I grew up in Brooklyn.
And there was a great place to hate the Yankees, namely WOR TV Channel 9, then NOT the Property of The FOX Broadcasting Company.
And in 1970, a new Television Director painted the word picture on Channel 9. His name is Bill Webb. I was in my Middle Teens then.
People who Bill Webb has directed on Baseball Telecasts since 1970:
The List is Extensive;
Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner, Steve Albert, Steve Zabriskie, Gary Thorne, Tony Kubek, Dwayne Staats, Curt Gowdy, Tim McCarver(On WOR, WWOR, Sportschannel NY and FOX), Joe Buck, Kenny Albert, Chris Myers, Erin Andrews, Gary Cohen, Howie Rose, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Jerry Remy, Fran Healy, to name a few.

And Webby will be MISSED. He has Stage 3 Cancer.

Keep him in your Prayers, Mets Fans & all of MLB, as he has directed The World Series & The All Star Game. He will be MISSED.


Kyrie Elaison

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