Actually, The NY Mets Made It To All Souls Day(Reminder Pro Missa Solemnis Pro Defunctis)

2 Nov

Baseball has ended, sure enough, on All Souls Day. There will be no “Missa Solemnis Pro Defunctis” Pro Metropolitanus Novi Eboraci(For The NY Mets), ANYWHERE, including Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan.

But, For All Souls Day, I will head to Midtown Manhattan for 6PM Mass in Latin.

It is said in Maccabees that “It Is A Wholesome Thought To Pray For The Dead That They May Be Loosed From Their Sins”, which means Purgatory, which still gets mentioned in The Traditional Roman/Latin Rite as well as in the Eastern Catholic Churches. November is The Month of The Souls In Purgatory, which Fr Leonard Villa, Pastor of Holy Innocents said in his All Saints Day Homily at the 10:30AM Tridentine Latin Mass.

Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis!
Vivat Jesus!
Vivat Christus Rex!


Kyrie Elaison


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