Of Tridentine Latin Mass Compatriots-Distrusted Catholic Polemicists

3 Nov

Dear “Warehouse In Detroit”?
Are You Listening Or Reading?
Do You Even CARE?

I met a Queens Tridentine Latin Mass Compatriot at Holy Innocents last evening. She stopped watching anything from ChurchMilitant.com.
And I know WHY. Attacking The Remnant Newspaper, Angelus Press, Catholic Family News, The Society Of St. Pius X, Harvesting The Fruit of The Vatican II, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, all while kowtowing to the Modernistas at Opus Dei & Opus Dei Member, Fr Paul Nicholson & falling before the Feet of Terry Carroll, whose Nuns at St. Dominic’s in Oyster Bay, on the North Shore of Long Island, NY, should have smacked a bit harder, who bought the property for which ChurchMilitant.com, also called “The Warehouse In Detroit”, you, Gary Michael Voris, are a TRAITOR to Traditional Catholicism. Censoring a Report that Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke demanded Clarity from Pope Francis, because this might imply criticizing Papa Bergoglio, means that ChurchMilitant.com is nothing more than Papalotry.com, controlled by Money Men, to WHOM You Are BEHOLDEN. No wonder some Combox Commenter calls you “Michael The Purchased”, because you are “So OWNED.”

Pope Francis is NOT at Fault for This Synod? Like WHAT GAME ON FOX ARE YOU WATCHING?
Throwing Pope Saint John Paul II & Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI “Under The Bus?” WHY? To give a Pass to A Pope who preached a Homily filled with the Heresy of Universal Salvation? THIS IS OK BECAUSE HE’S The Pope?

The SSPX Are In SCHISM? Was This for “Sweeps Week”? Who did you quote out of Context? Quoting a SEDEVACANTIST Website? WHAT? You People are UTTERLY DESPERATE. It is as if ChurchMilitant.com had been infused with “The Spirit of Jerry Springer.” WHY LET THE TRUTH Get In The Way of “Sweeps Week Sensationalism”, which is WHAT your Screed about The Society Of St Pius X is all about. You’re Looking for the WWF Demographic.

To paraphrase Dr John Rao, “Are You Stupid, or do you get paid for it?” Apparently, as long as there are people who write Big Cheques, you will continue to BS the World.

But, there are The Ordinary Traditional Catholics whom you have “Sold Out” for the $$$$. Just ask someone I met after the Tridentine Latin Mass last evening. She stopped watching or trusting ChurchMilitant.com.
For $40K, it’s Nothing To See Here, so “WHY WATCH.”


Kyrie Elaison


2 Responses to “Of Tridentine Latin Mass Compatriots-Distrusted Catholic Polemicists”

  1. Stephen Dalton 2015/11/04 at 14:13 #

    Well. I suppose you heard Gary is publishing a book called “Militant” which will tell in detail what his great mission in life is. I’m going to purchase it to see if there’s any biographical info in it that will shed any light on his background. Something tells me it will conceal more than it reveals about Voris’s life and careers, but it might contain some tibbits that might lead to the truth in the future.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/11/04 at 14:20 #

      He is “Militant” alright. He is asking people to contribute $25 per month, which he didn’t do before.
      Must be losing subscribers ever since his “Sweeps Week” SSPX Special, as well as pay the production costs for “Schism Chasers International” on Investigation Discovery.

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