A Catholic Elementary School’s New Lease On Life

5 Nov

Not too far from where I am domiciled, Our Lady Of Cenacle Catholic Elementary School at the Richmond Hill-Kew Gardens, Queens Border, closed in June, 2008. It began in 1950 & was initially staffed by Sisters Of Charity Halifax, and closed with an All Lay Staff of Teachers in 2008.

Let’s just say that what was once staffed by Sisters Of Charity Halifax, is either in Lay Control or is no longer in operation. A good # of these schools have continued to serve the needs of Catholic Elementary School Students.

Our Lady Of Cenacle School is now utilized as the High School Division of the School For Language & Communication, a Non Profit Educational Institution based in Glen Cove, Long Island, NY. This facility is leased from Our Lady Of Cenacle RC Church on the Van Wyck Expressway Service Road. This is a School For Hearing Impaired & Autism Spectrum Students & is Non Sectarian.

At least the School Building is being operated as an Accredited Institute of Learning. And It is a Good Thing.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison


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