A Happy Reroute, Deo Gratias!(26th & Last Sunday After Pentecost)

24 Nov

Normally, I travel to Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue. Well, this Sunday was different, courtesy of the “Wunderkind” who run MTA New York City Transit Subways, as the E & F Trains ran on the Local Track, stopping for huge # of Delays. A Ten Minute trip between Kew Gardens Union Turnpike & Roosevelt Avenue 74th Street, became a 40 Minute Run. So at Roosevelt Avenue 74th Street, I transferred to the 7 Train heading to W34th Street 10th Avenue, so I could head to St. Agnes at E43rd Street between Lexington & 3rd Avenues in Midtown Manhattan.

What is normally an overall 50 Minute trip was 1 Hour 47 Minutes. I timed it & discovered that I was not going to make it to Holy Innocents in time at all. The St. Agnes Journey would never take this long. But, I am gladdened to have made it to St. Agnes on E43rd Street, as it is Something of a Homecoming. My Mom was baptized there. St. Agnes High School, part of St. Agnes Parish, was connected to the Church via Passageway from E44th Street to E43rd Street.

Today is the 26th & Last Sunday After Pentecost on the Tridentine Latin Mass Calendar. Today is also, on the Novus Ordo Mass Calendar, The Feast of Christ The King. Those of us who usually go to The Tridentine Latin Mass, The Gospel is about Signs & Wonders At The End Of The World and to be on guard against “False Prophets”, “Wolves In Sheeps Clothing” & other Fakers.

I am NOT a Fan of the Generic Term called “Ordinary Time” in The Novus Ordo Mass Calendar. It makes Roman Rite Catholicism look like Calvinism, so devoid of what makes Roman Rite Catholicism, well, Roman Catholic. Surely the “Neo Catholics”, who accepted all the Novelties such as Altar Girls, Holy Communion In The Hand & “Lite FM” Muzak, decided to “Go With The Flow”, which may as well be the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. The Gowanus Canal cannot support aquatic life & the Novus Ordo Mass cannot support Growth in The Roman Rite Catholic Church, except in shuttering many Catholic Schools & Churches. The Generic “Ordinary Time”, like between Epiphany and Lent, is a Veritable “Nowhere Land.” It is so Calvinistic in Terminology, with NO Catholic Flavor to it. It is as if a Freemason had come up with the term(And may have originated with the Secular Humanist Fr Annibale Bugnini, a Reputed Freemason). Hey, the Lutherans & Anglicans don’t even call it Ordinary Time.

I know that over at the 10:30AM Tridentine Latin Mass at Holy Innocents, there is a Coffee Hour, which I enjoy, but I do like some intellectual food as well. I actually found a more “The Remnant Newspaper” Style of Roman Rite Catholic, Traditional Catholics To The Core, including A Professor of History & Writer, The Great Dr John Rao with his Wife & Two Children, who is a Regular at the Tridentine Latin Mass at St. Agnes. There was even a Double for John Salza JD. I had mentioned that I viewed a Lake Gardone Special, produced by Michael Voris, a name NOT appreciated at St. Agnes. Someone volunteered information that two families who attend an SSPX Chapel, donated the Trip to Lake Gardone to Michael Voris. This was in the time before One J. Terry Carroll, now living in Texas, turned Voris on Traditional Catholics & the SSPX as some kind of Attack Dog.
I mentioned that I viewed “The Remnant TV” Coverage of The Synod Of Doom(Attrib, C. Ferrara Esq).

I am glad that Fr Mc Guire, who also has Offered the TLM at Holy Innocents, is the Regular Latin Mass Celebrant at St. Agnes, The Parish that started the Tridentine Latin Mass in 1989.
I was Happy To Be Home.


Kyrie Elaison

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