“CatholiSchism”? “Voris Hates Us!”

27 Dec

I was viewing a “Faith Based Investigation” on ChurchMilitant.com, called “CatholiSchism”, a drawn out piece about The Society Of St Pius X, as hosted by Michael Voris, one who grew up on the Novus Ordo Mass, and is too young to remember Vatican II.
Michael Voris did NOT do any real reaearch. He did do the Special on ChurchMilitant.com. It was nothing but a Sheer Propaganda Piece.
And after Mass on Christmas Day, I met the Highly Regarded Catholic Historian and Writer, The Brilliant Dr John Rao. I mentioned that “A Certain Polemicist from Detroit is in The City this week, going after Cardinal Dolan.” John asked who it was, so I told him that it’s Michael Voris.
John exclaimed “Voris Hates Us(The Remnant).” I mentioned The Remnant & Catholic Family News, Michael Matt, Chris Ferrara & John Vennari & that I got a visit from The Big Cheque Writer in Texas(Originally From Long Island’s North Shore). John asked if Voris is liked at Holy Innocents, which I then remarked that Voris isn’t as liked as Voris thinks he is.

According To “Captain Schism”, Pope Honorius was declared a Saint by Byzantine Catholic Churches. Wrong, Verenky Breath! Honorius I is a Saint in the Eastern ORTHODOX Churches. The Authority to make Saints in The Catholic Church, comes out of The Holy See.
Vatican II, a Doctrinal Council with Teachings CONDEMNED by Previous Popes & Councils?  What? The Novus Ordo Mass didn’t come from Vatican II? The Blueprint came in Sacrosanctum Concilium. It is starkly apparent that you didn’t really read Sacrosanctum Concilium. Religious Liberty putting the Protestants on a footing that they”re part of The Church? Jews, Hindus & Muslims need not convert to the One, True Faith? You declare War on The SSPX for not accepting this as Catholic Teaching?  Are you sure YOU aren’t in SCHISM?  Who elected YOU as Pope? Besides, WHAT GAME ON FOX ARE YOU WATCHING?

Gary? Pride goeth before The Fall.
And ripping Cardinal Dolan “A New One” every week is NOT going to cut it.

Kyrie Elaison

2 Responses to ““CatholiSchism”? “Voris Hates Us!””

  1. Stephen Dalton 2015/12/31 at 14:08 #

    I just got and read Voris’s first book, “Militant”. I brought it to see what he would say about his life, more than his description of his current activities. What I read didn’t improve my perception of the man.
    He’s still lying about being an Emmy winner. On the back flap of the book’s dust cover, it says, “After a twenty year career in commercial broadcast news and television production, having won multiple Emmy awards for his reporting and journalism…”. But in the prologue, on page VI, we read, “I was a successful TV journalist with multiple awards and accolades…”. Notice, Gary doesn’t mention being an Emmy winner here. I wonder why? Could it be that most people don’t read the dust jackets, but they most certainly would read what he said in the book about himself? And some might actually want to know about those “Emmys” that he’s supposedly won. Well, regardless of the reason for not mentioning it in the book, the bottom line is, he still lying about the Emmys.
    Another thing that doesn’t sit well with me is his treatment of his late brother Marshall. He describes his older brother as “a total convert to the Church of Nice” who” was not as openly negligent of the faith as I was and “likewise a great concern to my parents.” Maybe I’m being a little too sensitive and critical here, but to me it appears he’s using Marshall as prop in his “reconversion story. Other than what Gary tells us, we know nothing about his older brother other than he was a member of the horrible “church of nice”. We never really know who Marshall Voris really was. Was he just a typical Novus Ordo Catholic who’s parents were upset that their boy wasn’t a traditional Catholic, or was he lax in his moral and spiritual life like his kid brother was? Frankly, I don’t think Marshall was that bad a guy. But I believe Gary is using his dead brother as a prop to bolster his image as the son who returned to the true faith. I wonder what his sister-in-law and her kids (if any) think about the way Marshall has been used by Gary?
    Then, the prologue gives us a clue to why Voris’s behavior has been so erratic the past couple of years. Voris’ s late mother suffered from bipolar and obsessive-compulsion disorder for most of her life, Gary admits that “These conditions had caused no end of grief during my and my brother’s youth, and much of our childhood had been adversely impacted.” I know enough from dealing with mentally ill friends and relatives that this is very true. But my question is, how much of an adverse influence did his mother’s illnesses have on him? And does it affect his behavior today? And there’s the possibility that Voris himself could be dealing with a mental illness himself, since they tend to run in families. If he has unresolved issues from his childhood, or a mental illness, he could be a ticking time bomb that could hurt many people.
    Finally, he mentions the generous support of Marc Brammer and John Carrol have given to ChurchMilitant.Com. Both of them gave over $250,000 a piece over the last few years. I think we can safely say Gary is their boy toy.
    Well, I hope this review of some interesting facts will start an inquiry into the real life of Gary Michael Voris and show us who he really is.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/12/31 at 16:30 #

      John Terrence(Terry)Carroll & Marc Brammer see a Broadcast Media Star, who may be a Sheer Dupe. Perhaps, Gary Michael Voris may even be blackmailed for things he may have invented as a Self Edifier.
      His “Media Martyrdom” at the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, was to lay blame at the Feet of Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, when it was Voris who failed to obtain the Proper Press Credentials from the City Of New York. Carroll, who hails originally from the North Shore of Long Island, New York, owns Voris, and has a Puppet on a String who can be manipulated to speak the whims of Carroll.
      Offer a prayer for hiim during Mass.

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