Reports From Mill Basin(GMV Screws Up)

6 Feb

The Supposed “Star Wars” Version of The Novus Ordo Mass, was actually just a simple “Family Mass”, offered in the Mill Basin Section of The Borough of Brooklyn at St. Bernard of Clairveux, where Msgr Jamie Gigantiello is Pastor.
From Info supplied from Mill Basin, next door to Marine Park, an area which uses the Flatbush Street System, as in East 69th Street, close to Flatbush Avenue, located near the Kings Plaza Shopping Centre, This “Star Wars Mass”, was not the actual Liturgy itself, but a Themed Party afterwards.
However, NO ONE, But the Priest(s), Deacon(s), Acolytes, Lectors & Servers should be in The Sanctuary, where The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass occurs. This is Sacred Territory. I believe that Liturgical Law covers this.
A Warning by Bishop Di Marzio is in order here, as well as better writing of Celebration Posters.

Deacon Greg Kandra, in the comboxes of The Lepanto Institute, advised people to not jump to conclusions, ONLY to have the OMNIPOTENT(At Least He Thinks He Is)Host & Lead Producer of, Michael Voris, whose style is that of a Reality TV Talk Show Host(Think Jerry Springer, who grew up about a half mile from where I am in Queens), & often, Historically Inaccurate. He may be “The Modern Howard Beale”, if one remembers that oh so Prophetic Movie “Network.” Voris told Kandra that Kandra was wrong “As Usual.”
Just Like Voris’ Top 20 Worst Churchmen of The 20th Century, where one of The Worst wasn’t even a Bishop at any time in that Century, but only his personal favorite Target in this Century. I believe that you know who that Prince Of The Church is.

Dr John Rao is Right. Perhaps the Host of “The Vortex”, like other “Neo Catholics”, should get an honest job like “A Carnival Barker.”


2 Responses to “Reports From Mill Basin(GMV Screws Up)”

  1. Stephen Dalton 2016/02/08 at 12:41 #

    What is wrong with Voris?! Why can’t he get anything right? And when he’s proven to be wrong, why can’t he man up and admit it? I’m getting the impression that for him, the appearance of being right is more important actually being right.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2016/02/08 at 13:11 #

      It is his Ego. If The SSPX i s ANY Indication, he did not do his homework. And he is controlled by Money. I do notice that beating up on Small Targets, fuels his ego, as was the case with a Parish in my Native Land of Brooklyn, NY over a Parish & a “Star Wars” Party after Mass.
      In his two part “Vortex”, naming the Worst Churchmen Of The 20th Century, only one qualifies as 21st Century & not 20th Century(Cardinal Dolan), which is done, I suspect, for Ego.

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