15 Jul

I was at Mass this. & last morning. At the end, I met My Most Dear Friend. We walked together and talked about an article by The Great “Pull No Punches” Apologist/Polemicist, Louie Verrecchio.

Louie has a way with words & nicknames. One of those names, directed at Pope Francis, ever since the Heretical “Apostolic Exhortation” known as Amoris Laetitia or “AL”, Louie mentioned the nickname called “Blasphemous Argentinean Heretic.”

So my friend decided to simplify Louie’s Phrase by simply saying “BAH” for Blasphemous Argentinean Heretic. It is a word used for Charles Dickens’ character, Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”, so it should be easy to remember.

There was also some talk about Mr Voris & his latest latest bit, telling that only The Bishops are to blame for EVERYTHING, NOT Pope Francis.

Mr Voris, who  appointed the Utra Leftist, Ultra Heterodox & Ultra Heretical Archbishop Blaise Cupich to the Congregation of Bishops? I am surprised that you haven’t pinned this appointment on Rupert Murdoch. Pope Francis, aka “BAH”, did this, NOT The Executive Producer of “MLB On FOX.”

I realize that some dude in Texas, with Property in Metro Detroit & Time on his hands, is behind all this, with you as “The Pompadored Stooge.” No doubt that the one who has the Gold, Makes The Rules. He despises the SSPX. Hence, you act as his Marionette on a String.

What’s The Next Tale, Cardinal Dolan passes wind on a Subway Platform?

Potential You Tube and Vimeo Sketch is in Planning Stages. It will be quite funny 



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