Penance & The Storm

26 Jul

Ok, so we had a mild winter in the NYC Metropolitan Area with only one Snow Occassion(33″, nearly 3′). And that melted.

But the Summer of 2016 is one of Utter Sweat. Cleanse yourself with thoroughness, walk about 10′, and you will be rather hot & sweaty, as Humidity is of the sweltering kind. Add temeratures of 37° to 40°, both Celsius instead of Fahrenheir &, trust me, you will get the picture by seeking shelter in an Air Cooled Abode.

And so I went to St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street to confess sins which I had forgotten about over the years, which I am contrite and sorrowful over.

Do Good & Avoid Evil, because while a Heat Wave is Temporary, Eternity is not Temporary & One, I Pray, does not end up in a Blazing Hot Place away From God, denied the Beatific Vision.

And share what you can with others.

God did last evening, via the Great Soaking Storm, which gave some relief to others.

Deo Gratias!


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