I Now Know Why My Parents Despised JFK & LBJ

29 Jul

My Parents were Conservative Catholic Democrats(DINOS) in the Beloved Borough of Brooklyn, NY.

It was 1960. Neither Voted for John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Dad didn’t trust the Democratic Party because, as Dad put it “The Democrats are The Party of War.” He utterly DESPISED Lyndon Baines Johnson, who he called “A Warmonger & Whoremaster.” Of course he also used these names for JFK & his brother Bobby(Robert Francis Kennedy or RFK). 

Dad did NOT trust Joe Kennedy, or as he would call him “The Old Man”, because Old Joe Kennedy used to run around with Movie Starlets & hide Scotch on one of the Piers on Manhattan’s West Side. 

So when JFK became President, he learned a bit too well from “The Old Man”(If one remembers Marylin Monroe).

I am a Catholic Republican who is NO NEOCON. Neocons are Liberals who have moved rightward, but are Establishment Types.

WHY I would vote for Donald J. Trump:

He is Refreshingly New. He may be a Presbyterian but his position is much closer to Catholic Social Teaching. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton is NOT liked by me in THE LEAST. She is NOWHERE near Catholic Social Teaching. She is ESTABLISHMENT.

She, like her husband, Former US President William Jefferson Blye Clinton, are both FAKERS, both Amoral & Immoral. 

Yet, Pope Francis(Papam Bergoglio), who never met a Camera Crew & Microphone he didn’t like, once went off on The Donald as “Not a Christian.”

He has not weighed in on The Clintons. Then again, they are much closer to Papa Bergoglio’s Leftist Jesuit Philosophy.

Like my parents in 1960, I am not voting Democratic, in 2016.



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