Making The Run To The TLM

6 Aug

I need something a LOT STRONGER than the NO Mass for the Tridentine Latin Mass is what is truly called The Mass. 

That is, if MTA NYC Transit cooperates. These Corruptos always have some project along the IND Queens Blvd Line every weelend. 

I can only take so much of the NO Mass. I tire of worn out Novelties & PROTESTANT Look & Feel of The NO Mass.

Hence, on The 1st Saturday, on The Feast of The Tramsfiguration, it was a Low Mass. I find Virtual Silence to be Awe Inspiring. I also find that when The Priest faces East, he truly acts “In Persona Christi.” He is NOT merely a Presider over an Assembly. This is Truly Catholic, not a Protestant Orientation. The Epistle of St. Paul & The Gospel According to St.Matthew, truly taught about This Great Miracle of Christ.

This IS THE CATHOLIC MASS, which explains that We are Catholics of Roman Latin Rite.

Deo Gratias!


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