Olympian “Canadians”

7 Aug

It is that time again, where Americans near the Border with Canada, are finding that one of their viewership options does not include One Bob Costas. 

It’s CBC Olympic Switchover Coverage Time in the Northern United States of America. CBC is Canada’s Public Broadcaster on Television, Radio & The World Wide Web. And Yanks by the Canadian Border are avoiding NBC Sports like a Zika Virus outbreak. In the Metro Detroit Television Market, which includes A FOX O&O, Two CBS O&Os & a CBC O&O in Windsor, ON, CBET 9, once owned by RKO General, thus once a Sister Station to New York City’s WOR TV 9, will be more heavily viewed than the local NBC Affiliate in Detroit.

“Good Evening, I’m Peter Mansbridge & This is ‘The National'”, means that for Yanks by The US Canada Border, it’s Don Cherry & Not Bob Costas. Yanks along the Border, prefer OBJECTIVE Commentary to the “Rah, Rah, Rah” of NBC Sports, which is so Cloying, that Quick Excursions to Vomitaria are rather involuntary.

CBC or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is carrying 24/7 Olympic Coverage. Most of NBC’s Live Coverage is on Cable & Satellite.

The Games have begun, live from Rio.


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