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Establishment & New Media

1 Aug

The Establishment Media is busy with Cecil The Lion:
The New Media covers the Planned Parenthood Scandal;

Since WHEN is a Lion’s Life more important than a Human Life?

Kyrie Elaison!


Planned Parenthood’s Body-Part Bonanza | National Review Online

22 Jul

I realize that The Left loves speaking in Ambiguous Code.
And Planned Parenthood is no exception, using words like Planned & Parenthood. One would think this is a Nonprofit Counseling Service.
Rather, these are High Powered, High Volume Business People who have neither Conscience nor Morals. Death is their business.

Like Professional Car Thieves, it is parts which are valuable. Harvesting Organs is a Multibillion $$$ Business.
These are Professional Life Thieves, with all the Coldness of Dry Ice.

In the use of Ambiguous Code Language, came “Marriage Equality” which actually means so called “Marriage” to a Partner of the Same Gender. There is no chance of Natural Procreative Activity. Everything done is artificially. Just ask Sir Elton John.
He and his partner’s 1st Child has an unnatural # of Grandparents. That would include Sir Elton’s Parents, his partner’s Parents, and the Artificially Inseminated Mother’s Parents. The child is going to be labled in school as Rather Odd with Three Sets of Grandparents.
Hence, No Such Bird as Marriage Equality even exists. Nothing is Natural about it.

I used to wonder if the Pro Life Movement should use the Same Tactics as The Pro Infanticide Movement.
But, since Vatican II, which was a Modernist Convention of Obfustication and Ambiguity, which refused to use the Linguistic Precision of St. Thomas Aquinas, It is better to be straighforward, even if people be turned off, because our movement is about Truth.

Never LOWER Yourself to The Enemy’s Standards, for THEY HAVE NONE.They have an “On The Fly Magisterium“, which changes by whichever way “The Wind Is Blowing.”

Vivat Jesus!
Vivat Christus Rex!


Abortion-Cannibalizing For Stem Cells

22 Jul

This New Cannibalizing for Stem Cells, is always as the Result of Legalized Infanticide, which is called Abortion.

It Will Be Exposed.

Vivat Jesus!
Vivat Christus Rex!


At Life Dynamics, Life Is A $$ Sign(Aborted Baby Parts)

21 Jul

A Most Dear Catholic Friend sent me this.
Abortion is both Murder & a Multibillion $ Business.

Vivat Christus Rex


FOX NEWS: Planned Parenthood sells dead baby body parts | Fox News

15 Jul

BREAKING: Undercover video catches Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts | News | LifeSite

14 Jul

Planned Parenthood or “Feminazi Central”

Reading Canada’s Only Pro-life Newsweekly

15 Feb

In a nation loaded with “Human Rights Commissions”, code for Rights For Only The Politically Correct(Like Animal Rights Activists and Environmentalist Whackos,to take a cue from Rush W. Limbaugh III), this Weekly Newspaper is One of a Kind in Canada. In short, again to borrow a bit of Vocabulary from Mr. Limbaugh, “Feminazis” will feel uncomfortable with the Publication called “The Interim”, whose “About US” Statement I was reading on my Mobile.

If “The Interim” offends the feelings of “Animal Rights Activists”, “Same Sex Union Proponents”, Assorted Feminazis Who are solely dedicated to the promotion of Abortion and Infanticide, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and other Anti Life Types in Canada and the USA, well THAT is a Great Thing. Founded in 1983, they are the Counter Culture in Canada, which is good to know in case PM Stephen Harper goes off the rails in the case of The Conservatives behaving as if they are The Liberals of Justin Trudeau, or like the NDP or even worse, like the Democratic Party in the USA.
A weekly paper like this has to exist, for they are “Fighting The Good Fight”, as St. Paul The Apostle would put it.

God Bless Them.

M, Eh!