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“Thanks, Lord, For You Gave Me What I NEEDED.”

12 Feb

It was not Extra Cash, which is only useful in a Worldly Sense.
For you see, I had gotten lazy, even on beautiful days, though they be cold or even Mild.

Okay, I would make my Sunday Obligation and that was it. But, God wanted to give me something which is really “Out Of This World”, & the Opportunity to have this Gift. So, I went to this place @ the corner of Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard.

Now I have bad knees and neck, and the 1st Gift Given to me was the Ability to kneel, which I hadn’t been able to do in awhile. Then, I was given a chance to hold my head up straight for a little while.

And I met some old friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. It looks like they were at the same place, invited by God, to accept His gifts. These are Gifts they truly NEEDED.

Those Gifts included Something which looks and tastes like Flat Bread but isn’t. But it tastes Heavenly. I had two helpings of it.
I went to Someone representing God to tell the Representative about bad mistakes I made, so I was told how I was to correct them. I feel relieved from this because he can’t tell anybody about it.
And then I had a Balm put on my hands and forehead to protect me.

The Gift, you see, is called Sanctifying Grace. The place I went to is Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church in Forest Hills Section of Queens, NY. Today is The Feast Of Our Lady Of Lourdes, which commemorates when Mary, Mother Of Jesus and Mother Of The Church, visited a sickly Nun, Bernadette Soubris, calling on her to build both a Church and Pool of Blessings. Many cures are attributed to Our Lady’s Intercession with Our Lord. Today is also World Day Of Prayer For The Sick.

A number of people received 3 Sacraments, namely Penance(Reconciliation), Holy Communion and Anointing Of The Sick(Formerly Known as Extreme Unction, called Holy Unction in the Catholic Eastern Churches). A Sacrament is an Outward Sign, Instituted by Jesus Christ to give Sanctifying Grace. The Catholic Eastern Churches along with the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches, call the Sacraments The Holy Mysteries. I received all Three Sacraments(Mysteries), Today.

In the Holy Gospel According to Saint Mark, Jesus spoke of what comes from Inside of you, defiles you.

So today was a great day for a Soulful Cleansing and Sanctifying Grace was that Needed Gift.

Thank You O Lord, We all NEEDED That.

Deo Gratias!
M, Eh!

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