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Father Miqueli? Which NUNS Were On The Seminary Admissions Board?

16 Dec

I was reading an Article in “The American Spectator”, in a Column by Tom Bethell, called “Capitol Ideas.” Tom is the Senior Editor of this Politically Conservative Magazine.
It was during the Early 1990s when I read about why there was a “Priest Shortage.”
The Priest Shortage is controlled by Modernists. They do NOT want Men of orthodoxy. They look for “Flexible” People. Flexible Men are “The Go With The Flow In The Gowanus Canal” Types, with the Gowanus Canal being the most polluted body of water imagineable, giving rise to “Sh-t’s Creek.” These are the men who go along with any Heterodox Suggestion such as ordaining Gay Men & having Women Priestesses. The New Order of making Priests was all about Disloyalty To The Official Magisterium, as well as the Deposit of Faith.
Nuns of the LCWR Variety, in short who wouldn’t know a Habit if they saw one, are often on these Admissions Boards. They screen out Men who are “Too Rigid”, which is code for Orthodox Catholic.
How can Nuns help make a determination of whether a Man is fit for Priesthood, when they, themselves, CANNOT be ordained, while many do NOT look at God as Father, Son & Holy Ghost? For The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church is a Supernatural Institution, founded by Christ Himself.
As one man told me (Kirby)at his Pub in Forest Hills, Queens some years ago, he was in the Cathedral Prep Secondary School Seminary in Elmhurst, Queens, run by the RC Diocese Of Brooklyn. He told me that in his experience, only the more effeminate boys were recommended for further studies for The Priesthood. It does NOT bode well. So when the Scandal broke in Boston about Gay Priests seducing & molesting Altar Boys, it may not have surprised me too much.
Plus, the alleged “Reform Of The Liturgy”, making it one centred on Humanity instead of The Triune God, adds to all the Insanity. The Tridentine Latin Mass is being offered with Greater Frequency, is totally oriented to Sacrifice. Outside of Male Altar Servers, no Non Clergy are in The Sanctuary.

The New Mass brings a Nonsacrificial Element to Roman Rite Catholic Worship, in the Name of False Ecumenism. As it is understood, there is no Mass without a Validly Ordained Priest, but what occurs in The New Mass, is the Feminization of The Mass, in that Women are allowed to take Roles, formerly the Roles of The Priest, Deacon, Subdeacon & Instituted Acolyte. Women may act as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, a Role filled by Bishops, Priests, & Deacons. Women may now read the Epistle & Old Testament Readings as well as Responsorial Psalms, often read by The Subdeacon. Girls may act as Altar Servers.
All of this is in the Name of Active Participation.

So, basically, someone like Fr Peter Miqueli was ordained in a Feminized Version of The Church, where with the New Liturgy, a Priest is nothing more than a Group Leader. Fr Peter, sadly, was one selected by Those who desired a New Church, namely the Failed New One which bears little good fruit. And those Modernists, Post Vatican II, who look at a Church of Man, with No Supernatural Faith, are those who only have a Disaster at the End of Everyday.

Kyrie Elaison!


Kyrie Elaison

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Mass from Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Parish in Forest Hills NY(Live Broadcast On Delay)

12 Dec

Kyrie Elaison

One No Longer Need Wait For The 6PM News & Coverage Critique

26 Nov

When a 5 Hour old Baby was found in a Manger at Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, it was News enough for Correspondents from The Manchester Guardian & London Daily Mail, to be present, as well as Associated Press & WABC 7 Eyewitness News, all of which have Smartphone Apps.

Welcome to The New Media. And via that New Media, the Story gained Attention around the World. The Old Media of Radio, Television & Newspaper, got the Information via checking Social Media such as Facebook & Twitter. The Old Media transmitted the Story via the internet.

The Manchester Guardian & London Daily Mail utilized Freelancers to write the story on The Baby Found in the Manger. Both British Newspapers have Smartphone Apps. The US & British Broadcast Networks have Smartphone Apps.

On actual coverage by CBS News:
Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Severeid, Harry Reasoner, Robert Trout, Andrew Rooney, & Dan Rather would be utterly ASTONISHED at the Description of who you called the Holy Child Jesus RC Church Pastor. Both the Parish Administrator & the actual Pastor are recipients of The Various Stages of The Sacrament Of Holy Orders.
In one part of the Story, the description of The Pastor was Amateurish at best. It was as if he was in charge of “The First Church Of The Gooey Death & Discount House Of Worship”(Attrib. John Donald Imus). It was as if the Man had not been Solemnly Ordained a Priest in The Sacrament Of Holy Orders.
The Actual Pastor received The 3rd Stage of The Sacrament Of Holy Orders, in being consecrated as a Bishop & he is The Most Reverend Octavio Cisneros, DD, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn. It was the Parish Administrator, Reverend Fr Christopher Ryan Patrick Heanue, who was simply referred to as Church Pastor, minus a Sign Of Reverence for him or his office, as well as Stage of Holy Orders.
Oh & Another Thing, I know these two Fine Priests quite well.
Just be thankful that you weren’t contacted by the Executive Director of The Catholic League For Religious & Civil Rights, Professor William Donahue, as that would have been a Bruhaha, with casualties.
Another Thing is that if GARY Michael Voris at Church had gotten involved, CBS News, the Associated Press, and both the Pastor & Administrator of Holy Child Jesus RC Church in Richmond Hill, Queens, would end up being basted & roasted like a Turkey, with both The Pastor & Administrator, being accused of being “Church Of Nice” Agents & having their supposed “Dirty Laundry” aired in public, probably lumped in with Voris’ Bugaboos, the Society Of St Pius X, & John Vennari’s Catholic Family News, Michael Matt’s The Remnant Newspaper, Christopher Ferrara, Dr John Rao, Mundabor’s Blog, Rorate Caeli’s Blog, Louie Verrecchio, Brian Mc Call, Patrick Archbold,  Fr Thomas Rosica, Professor William Donahue, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope St. John Paul II & Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan(As Usual), Et Cetera. This is the Modus Operendi of “The Warehouse In Detroit.” A Week Long Sensationalist Special would be produced with Statements taken out of context, by this Morton Downey Jr Wannabe. And he would have a Studio Audience for this one, probably at FOX O & O WWOR9 In Secaucus, NJ, where Morton Downey Jr’s Show originated from.


Acuracy & Clarity is all that is asked for, along with Objectivity & Charity.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kyrie Elaison

Of Awe & Of All Souls

3 Nov

I have been to All Souls Day Masses in The Ordinary Form of Mass, where the Names of The Faithful Departed would be read in the Litany of The Faithful. I have been to the Mass of The Resurrection(What the Novus Ordo Mass Name for Requiem Mass is called). Protestantism has affected The Sensus Catholicus in such a way that Death, Judgement, Heaven & Hell, are rarely spoken about. Purgatory, in Novus Ordo Land, is almost never spoken about, which Fr Villa Preached in a Brief Homily.
Fr Leonard Villa offered the Mass, aided by The Deacon, Fr Christopher Salvatori, who it has been said, taught many a Priest in The RC Archdiocese of New York, including Fr Villa, to offer The Tridentine Latin Mass. The Subdeacon was an Altar Server named Eddie. In The Roman(Latin) Rite, Subdeacon was an Ordained Order until 1968 when the Sacraments underwent changes.

This is called “Missa Memorium Pro Defunctis”, or Memorial Mass For The Dead. We get the word Defunct from Defunctis, so in reality, the Tridentine Latin Mass is not all that difficult to follow.

There are many chants including “De Profundis”, which the chant “Out of The Depths I Cry Unto Thee, O Lord.”
On the Catervault, a Coffin, covered with a Black Cloth with Religious Marking, is displayed. There were Rites for the Dead, chanted in this ceremony.
At the Conclusion, there was a Procession to the Sacristy.

As This Missa Solemnis occurred The Epistle, Gradual, Tract & Gospel are chanted in Latin, as is the case of the Normal Tridentine Latin Mass.
So to conclude this Mass, the Epistle & Gospel were read in English & the Brief but Incisive Homily was given by Fr Villa. And then we were dismissed. The Theme of November is Prayer For The Souls In Purgatory.

On the way out, I met a Three Compatriots from The Queens Latin Mass Group. It was Grand to meet up with them. One of them brought her son. Last Year at Douglaston, that woman drove me to Woodhaven Blvd and Jamaica Avenue.

A Blessing of a Holy Water Dispenser and Font took place, with Fr Christopher Salvatori celebrating The Blessing, done in Latin, followed by Hyssoping those Present, in the Foyer of Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

It was a Night Of Awe & Prayers For The Dead.

Pray For The Souls In Purgatory, that they be admitted to The Beatific Vision of Heaven.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

Actually, The NY Mets Made It To All Souls Day(Reminder Pro Missa Solemnis Pro Defunctis)

2 Nov

Baseball has ended, sure enough, on All Souls Day. There will be no “Missa Solemnis Pro Defunctis” Pro Metropolitanus Novi Eboraci(For The NY Mets), ANYWHERE, including Holy Innocents in Midtown Manhattan.

But, For All Souls Day, I will head to Midtown Manhattan for 6PM Mass in Latin.

It is said in Maccabees that “It Is A Wholesome Thought To Pray For The Dead That They May Be Loosed From Their Sins”, which means Purgatory, which still gets mentioned in The Traditional Roman/Latin Rite as well as in the Eastern Catholic Churches. November is The Month of The Souls In Purgatory, which Fr Leonard Villa, Pastor of Holy Innocents said in his All Saints Day Homily at the 10:30AM Tridentine Latin Mass.

Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis!
Vivat Jesus!
Vivat Christus Rex!


Kyrie Elaison

StationSquareStudios Channel On

20 Oct

Now hooked into Facebook & Twitter.
Replays will hook into Google+ & WordPress, which links to tumblr.

K of C 5103 Installation at 1230 ET(1730 GMT) on StationSquareStudios Channel On, linked to FaceBook, Live & Linked on Twitter.
Replay on Facebook, Google+, & tumblr.


Kyrie Elaison

Time After Pentecost & Ordinary Time

5 Oct

One Afterseason leads to Advent, while Ordinary Time can mean simply headed Somewhere. In the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Calendar is Specific, while the Calendar of the Missa Novus Ordo is Generic. Yesterday was the 19th Sunday After Pentecost & The Feast of St. Francis Of Assisi. While the Vestments were Green with a Commemoration of St. Francis Of Assisi, Yesterday’s Tridentine Latin Mass had Priest, Deacon & Subdeacon. The Deacon, who is a Priest of The RC Archdiocese of New York, proclaimed the Gospel of St Matthew, chanting it in Latin. The Celebrant Priest, who is Pastor of Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan, chanted the Epistle of St. Paul To The Thessalonians in Latin, while facing Eastward. The Gradual was chanted by the Schola in Latin.

Yesterday was The 27th Sunday In Ordinary Time. Yes, it was a Real Sunday. This Particular Sunday became part of a gag in the satirical “Eye Of The Tiber” website. The gag includes a DVD Video made by Fr Robert Barron, who produced the video series called “Catholicism.”

After the Proclamations of Epistle & Gospel in Latin is the Homily, but there is, Unofficially, the Reading of Epistle & Gospel in English. The Gospel spoke of The Great Wedding Feast & of a Man who didn’t wear the Proper Wedding Garment. The King is God. The Wedding Garment stands for Grace.

Both the Gloria In Excelcis Deo & Nicene Creed were sung as was the Agnus Dei and Kyrie.

Salve Regina was sung at the End Of The TLM.

“Silly” is NOT Sung at the Tridentine Latin Mass.

Deo Gratias!

Kyrie Elaison

Haven’t Seen THIS In Awhile

4 Oct

Blue Skies Above

It was raining in this City of New York for 5 Days. It was Grey & Depressing.
And Now, there is Blue Sky and somewhat Sunny. The Temperature has warmed up & it is comfortable.

Deo Gratias!

Kyrie Elaison

Summer Ends At 4:21AM EDT On Wednesday, 09/23/2015

21 Sep

But the Comfortable Weather Is beginning to come in. In short, it is Jacket Weather. And it feels good as the Mosquitos are not making their appearance.
Just last week, there was heat & it was rather uncomfortable. Even Air Conditioned Buses were a bit too warm.
It felt like The Summer That Would NOT Go Away. It was NOT unlike The Winter of 2014, that Winter had a Blizzard which arrived after a 60°F Day, which was during Super Bowl XLVIII. There was enough Snow to donate to the Sochi Winter Olympics from that Snap Blizzard.
The Fall Equinox, the point where the Sun passes over The Equator, brings us to the Realization that Winter is not far off & a New Year is Nigh. And, as it has occurred in the Fall of The Year in New York, The Pope is coming to New York. Blessed Paul VI came in October of 1965. St. John Paul II came in October, 1979 & October, 1995, while Pope Francis I comes here in a few days, as Fall has begun. Only Pope Benedict XVI has come in April, 2008.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison