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The NY Mets, A Test Of Faith

21 May

You may be wondering as to WHY I would write something about Major League Baseball, in particular, the New York Mets.
Normally, this blog covers the World of The Catholic Faith, both Roman/Latin & Eastern, particularly Byzantine in the Eastern Catholic Churches. But, I still follow Baseball.
The Mets are basing themselves on a Team in the San Francisco Bay Area. No, it isn’t a team called the Giants, who over 58 Years Ago, called Upper Manhattan their Home Base.
Rather, The Mets are using the Oakland Athletics Strategy of “Moneyball”, as run by one Billy Beane, a former Minor Leager in the Minor League System of The New York Mets.
However, this Mets Mess is caused by a Primary Ownership, consisting of a Family, whose claim to fame, is having invested in a “Sure Fire Investment Scheme” with “Bernie From Far Rockaway” Madoff, who is now in a Federal Prison for 150 Years(Which means in reality, for good).
A couple of Mets Fans have a Billboard near Citi Field, calling for the Primary Ownership to sell the Team. Good Luck to THAT Strategy.
I am a Boston Red Sox Fan, who was 49 Years Old when the “Olde Towne Team” finally won a World Series for the 1st Time since 1918.
I understand the Mets Situation, having grown up going to Shea Stadium. I have been to Citi Field a total of two times. But, to me, there was nothing like Shea Stadium, what, with the Highest Upper Level in Major League Baseball. And wackier fans than anywhere, except for the Lower Bleachers in Fenway Park in the Kenmore Section in Boston, where I got a chance to razz Hall of Famer Ricky Henderson, for hiding in the Mets Clubhouse in Atlanta, during the 1999 National League Championship Series, playing cards with Bobby Bonilla. It was an evening where some girl named Kristen, was being razzed by certain Red Painted Males, who called her “The Vamp of The Fenway Bleachers” on September 8th, 2000.
It was a combined Red Sox & Mets Moment.
There was in 2002, a Moment in Shea Stadium, where the Utterly Despised William Roger Clemens, he who beaned Mets Catcher Mike Piazza in July, 2000 at Toilet II(Yankee Stadium II), was razzed by the combination of NY Mets & Boston Red Sox Fans. The Battle Flags of The Two Former World Series Opponents of 1986, were waved amid the Sarcastic Chant of “Roggggah”. The Game was televised on FOX. Even Joe Buck of FOX Sports got into this wild scene, calling for Mr Clemens to suffer some pain.
The New York Mets actually won 11 Games in a row on the 1st Home stand of the year, something which has not occurred since 1991 in Major League Baseball. In my opinion, I thought that this was way too good to be true.
But the New York Mets are fading quickly. In this town, you can’t play it like the Oakland Athletics. And I do call for a solution for rather Long Suffering Mets Fans. It is a Demand to the Principal Owner, Fred Wilson, his son Jeffrey and Fred’s Brother In Law, Sol Katz:
” Sell, Freddie, Sell! And take Jeffy and Uncle Sol With You.”
This bunch is as bad as M. Donald Grant, who traded Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, turning Shea Stadium into  “Grant’s Tomb”, which was no National Monument.
Mets Fans Live On.

” Vomit, Barf, Puke!”


The NY Yankees, As Of Now, SUCK!

12 Apr

You may have heard that chant of “Yankees Suck” , during their World Series & Playoff Run. Frankly, I think that The Postseason Run is over for a few years(Called Eternity in Yankees Land). It doesn’t really take anything to be a Yankees Fan, except for the Ability as a Braggart, with such Athletic Skills as jumping on a Bandwagon, as well as long memories on every record both real and imagined.
But, now they have lost two series at home. Derek Jeter & Mariano Rivera are retired. Paul O’Neill is In the YES Booth.  Bernie Williams is busy making Fine Latin Music. Jason Giambi retired out of an Indians Uniform. A-Rod is 40 this year. Mark Texiera will not be sending too many “Tex Messages.” Funny but the Red Sox Series is not sold out.
For the NY Yankees failed to make Postseason in 2013 & 2014. Prior to that, there was no appearance in Postseason in 2008, the last season of Yankee Stadium II.
Many People said Joe Torre was a Genius. Actually, he was Nothing without Don Zimmer(Requiscant In Pace). Willie Randolph was Torre’s Bench Coach when the Yankees led 3 Games to None over the Red Sox, as the great Yankees Collapse occurred when Dave Roberts stole 2nd Base & the Yankees Bullpen went to pieces including The Great Mariano Rivera. Willie did go onto be a Fine Manager of The Mets, who used to watch Mets Games from Shea Stadium’s Upper Level when Willie was a child.
Zimmer,,you see, got into a disagreement with George Steinbrenner after the 2003 World Series. I am surprised that George didn’t Replace Zimmer with George Costanza. Torre managed the Yankees until 2007.

The Last Member of the 1996 World Championship Yankees is Joe Girardi, named Manager in 2008. That 1st Season was the Farewell to Yankee Stadium II. After 13 Seasons of making Postseason, there was no Postseason for the NY Yankees. It was a Sign that Postseason would become harder & harder to attain. Torre would attain this goal for 12 Seasons including 6 World Series Appearances, winning 4 & Losing Two. The 2004 ALCS would be an Embarassment of Monumental Proportions because of the Red Sox Comeback from being down 0-3.

2013, 2014 is no Yankees Postseason. It looks to be Ditto for 2015.

To paraphrase John Sterling:
“Yankees Lose! Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!”


Octave Of Christmas (5th Day St. Thomas A Beckett)

29 Dec

The same gospel from Luke, from yesterday, tells of Simeon’s reaction to The Birth of Christ.

This is the Feast of St. Thomas A Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury in the 11th Century AD. Thomas was in exile and was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral by the English King.

The Blood of Martyrs aided in the Growth of The Catholic Faith.

Kyrie Elaison


The 7th Inning Tribute

29 Sep

It was almost as if the game was in The Bronx, except for the Proximity of The Cask and Flagon, Boston Beer Works and Game On Cafe, Brookline Avenue and the Massachusetts Turnpike & a Subway Line that looks like it would run near Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, above ground. Yes, this is Boston, which is a Fun Place.

And this was a farewell to a Baseball Superstar from the Mortal Enemy of The Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees. It was done with Classical Music playing behind Irish Tenor, Ronan Tynan.
Ronan Tynan, Tenor and Medicinae Doctor, sang “God Bless America”, which was followed by Noted Latin American Musician and former NY Yankees Centerfielder, Bernie Williams, in a Musical Tribute to The Legendary Derek Sanderson Jeter, a major part of The Great Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry.

I was truly moved to Tears and they did flow.

And now that’s over.


With A Base Hit, It Ended

28 Sep

I was in tears just a few minutes ago, as Derek Jeter came out of the game.
A Great Baseball Era has ended.


Finally In Fenway Park(Baseball Ends Here, Ditto Derek Jeter)

26 Sep

Three Days of The Final Farewell of Derek Jeter will be played out on Television.
New England Sports Network and FOX Owned MY9 will carry it this evening.
FOX Sports has it tomorrow afternoon.
Will Tim Mc Carver be there for the Farewell? Will Joe Buck be there?(Please, No).
NESN AND FOX Sports owned YES(Yankees Entertainment SUCKS) will have it on Sunday.

The End!


Last Evening’s “Triple Play” In MLB

6 Sep

I root for The Boston Red Sox. They were at Fenway Park this past evening, and defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 9-8 in 10 Innings.
I also have an Alternate Team called The NY Mets. They were on the Road at The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, OH. The Mets smacked 5 Homers, something they cannot seem to do at Citi Field in Corona, Queens. Great American Ballpark is a Hitters Dream, while Citi Field looks like Ebbets Field in Brooklyn on the Exterior, and has all the Wideness of The Polo Grounds of Upper Manhattan inside.
The NY Mets smashed the Cincinnati Reds, who celebrated Irish Night, 14-5.

James Shields, now pitching for the Kansas City Royals, has finally proved to me that he doesn’t need Tropicana Field in Tampa, FL, to be effective.
For you see, Shields pitched a 1-0 Shutout of The Ageing and Sputtering NY Yankees at Yankee Stadium III, during the Farewell Tour of 40 Year Old Derek Sanderson Jeter. You see, Yankee Stadium III is like the Heyday of Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium, where balls fly out of the Park. But, the Yankees are getting Old, with Jeter being the Last Player from the 1996 World Champs and one of the Three Remainders of the 2009 World Champs, which include one Alex Roidriguez, who returns next year at Age 40(Biological, not Emotional).
As You can tell, I utterly despise the NY Yankees, a Team which gave us “A-Roid.” His other nickname, simply is “A-H-le”, and in Snark Laced “Tribute”, “Slappy Mc Blue Lips.”
To Paraphrase one John Sterling on WFAN:
“Thaaaaaaaaaah Yankees SUCK!”


The Mets Still Suck ..&They’re On FOX

6 Jul

The Ancient Bartolo Colon amazes me, in that he is 8-6. The Long Ball is doing him in, but it is now 5-3 Texas Rangers in an Interleague Matchup for “Baseball Night In America-MLB On FOX.”
Kenny Albert, son of Broadcast Legend Marv Albert, is calling the Game. Cliff Floyd is Lead Baseball Analyst.
The Last Time Cliff Floyd was on FOX, he had a bad Achilles Tendon. Tim Mc Carver kept confusing him with someone named Chris Floyd, which meant that Tim was confusing Cliff Floyd  with Chris Everett Lloyd. From Baseball to Tennis? WHAT?
End of 5, Texas 5, NY Mets 3. Orioles at Red Sox is also on FOX , and I would have preferred that game.It is also the Final Score.

M, Eh!

The 2013 World Series Championship Boston Red Sox Trophy in NYCNYC

28 Jun

Boston Red Sox World Series Championship 2013 Trophy

27 Jun