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The Real Catholic Colleges

18 Oct

Forget that place in South Bend, IN, for that is as Catholic as Brooklyn College, a Public School. I think that the school in South Bend has a Football Team with a couple of Major Television Contracts. That place invited The Abortionist In Chief, a man actually called “An Evil Man”, by a Roman Rite Catholic Priest in Western Queens NY, in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn.
Neither are any Colleges run by The Jesuits these Days. These are Universities which run “National Coming Out Day.”
It is in little colleges which were founded from between 10 to 60 Years Ago. And the tuitions cost far less than the bigger schools with The big television contracts.
The Cardinal Newman Society publishes a list of Schools which they recommend highly. One college even has a Masters Degree in Theology, done non residentially.
All are Faithful to the Magisterium of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. All give tuition assistance. All are fully accredited.

Google The Cardinal Newman Society Guide to Catholic Colleges.

Deum De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!

M, Eh!

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