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In 2017, I Won’t Bother With 5th Avenue On March 17th

20 Mar

Since as I remember the “Danger ous 1990s”, when in 1991, with the Assistance of The Dinkins Administration & Ancient Order Of Hibernians Manhattan Division 7, a crew of Quares came into The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, chanting “We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Irish, Get Used To It”, it was only a matter of time before this became The New Practice. I didn’t have ANYTHING to do with this Parade until Y2K.
In Ireland, a Formerly Catholic Nation, the Term called “Quare” means Odd. It is also to signify that one is “Fey” or “Gay.” And in the United Kingdom Of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, “Gay” means “Rubbish.” For “Gay” in the USA AND CANADA means Homosexual.
Fegula is a Latin Word for Homosexual, under the nasty sounding word “Faggot”, a word meaning simply “A Bunch Of Sticks.” The British & Irish smoke what are called “Fags”, which actually are called Cigarettes, a variation of Cigars or “Smoking Sticks.”

The Parade remained relatively Irish Catholic after The 1991 Parade, but there was a Case before the Supreme Court Of The United States of America, whose ruling stated that a Private Group has the Right to choose who they wish to associate with. This covered the Boston & New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parades. This was in 1995. In 1995, the National Ancient Order Of Hibernians ordered the Local & State AOH Groups to set up a corporation to run their local parades as Lawsuits by Homosexual Organizations were taking a grave toll via these lawsuits. Hence, The NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Inc was founded to run the Parade annually.

Did I NOT say that The 1990s were a Dangerous Time for The Parade? Yes, I did say that and it did prove to be that.

It was in 2014 that Guinness PLC & Heineken, withdrew their Sponsorships until Gay Groups were allowed to march under their own banners. In 2015, Out@NBCUniversal marched under their own banner. In 2016, through the Intervention of Politicians, both Civil & Ecclesiastical(Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, & Pope Francis I), Mayor Bill Di Blasio & Former US Ambassador to The Northern Ireland Peace Accord, Former US Senator George Kilroy Mitchell, the Group, Lavender & Green, joined The Fray.

In The Words of My Most Dear Friend, which I am adopting for 2017, “I Am So Done With This Parade.”

And, for once, I wholeheartedly agree with Mike Voris. This Parade isn’t the Least Bit Catholic, as it has become a Secular Humanist “Mardi Gras”, in exchange for Beer Sponsors.
From after the 1991 Parade until 2000, I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Here I Go AGAIN!

Kyrie Elaison!


“The STAGS”(Live & Replay On You Tube With Simulcast)

21 Dec

A Three Part Special to be broadcast on The Web, initially Live Streaming on You Tube, within the Next Two Weeks.

It chronicles both St. Agnes Elementary & St. Agnes Boys Catholic High School at 156 East 44th Street, with visits to the Site of Immaculata High School at 317 East 33rd Street & 555 West End Avenue at West 87th Street, with both Immaculata High School’s Site & 555 West End Avenue, the Last Stop.

Live Streaming on You Tube will be Simulcast over Facebook, Google+ & tumblr. It will be linked to Twitter. Replay will be carried on Facebook, tumblr & Google+.

It’s The Stags own story & the New Media is a Great Place for the Story.


Kyrie Elaison

In The Double Liturgical Anniversary Weekend Pt II

29 Nov

On Saturday, November 29th, 1969, or back when the NY Jets and The Mets played at Shea Stadium, the Last Tridentine Form Mass was offered in Vulgar Tongues. By this time, the Folk and Hootenanny Masses, had begun assaulting Catholic Eardrums, which infuriated a certain NYC Firefighter named Arnold, who likened these Liturgies to something far less than Sacred(And In Retrospect, he was most certainly right about that, even likening these Liturgies to both a Circus and a Zoo). Some people likened Arnold to an old grump. But, I will say that Arnold in Brooklyn, was a Prophet in this regard. Things would get worse with Time.
On Sunday, November 30th, 1969, the “Misdirected Mass of A Short Time”,”Missae Paulum VI”(Novus Ordo Missae)made its’ Debut in Parishes, with People asking if they had stumbled into the Local Episcopalian  “Broad Church” Parish. No longer would the Priest be facing East, at least not in the Roman Rite. And the Folk and Hootenanny Masses came along for The “Novus Ordo Adventure.”
The Tridentine Latin Mass had gone underground, so to speak, being offered by certain Priests with Faculties to offer “The Mass of All Time”, where there was Prayerful Silence, instead of loud noise. Gregorian Chant was replaced by, what I call “Gagorian Chant”(Music which would cause for longer lines at Toilets where one may deposit their food from Nausea).

This is WHAT disappeared from the Tridentine Form Mass:
Reverence, Silence and Roman Catholic Form;
Since WHEN Did the Priest become a “Presider”or “President of The Assembly”? I, myself used to preside at Knights of Columbus Council Meetings as Grand Knight, which made me a “Presider”, or “President of The Assembly”, but since I did not graduate from The Seminary for The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, I was unable to “Preside” at “The Memorial Of The Lord”, called “The Lord’s Supper”, or Mass, which is what the Modernist “Novus Ordians” were calling “The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass”, equating it with The Liturgies of The(Invalidly Ordained) Lutherans, Anglicans and Methodist Ministers, Six of whom were Consultants with Modernist Jesuits and an Apostate, Reputed Freemason called Archbishop Hannibal Bugnini.

The Prayers at The Foot of The Altar were eliminated. The Confitior was said Collectively, following the Lutheran Liturgical Form, with ONE reference to the Blessed Virgin Mary & Two to the Congregation, with no specified Names of Saints and this prayer is only an Option. The Gloria is offered only on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. The Prayers of The Faithful are offered at Every Mass.The Offertory Prayers are drawn from the Jewish Books called The Talmud, constituting a mere offering of bread and wine without any Propitiary Prayers of anticipating the Sacrifice, which are offered for the Faithful, both Living and Dead. The Canon of The Mass(Consecration), was edited, with “Mystery of Faith”, which the Priest prayed quietly, to signify the Miracle of Transubstantiation, moved to signify an Antiphon by St. Paul The Apostle, instead of The Transubstantiation Mystery and Miracle. “Pro Multis”(For Many)was “translated” as “For All”(Which is Pro Omnibus). The Translations were mere Interpretations. The “Domine Non Sum Dignus”, had a humanistic look and sound to it.
Kneeling went away at Holy Communion, as an alleged “Eastern” Practice of Standing in queue & Bowing as one receives the Sacrament at Separate Stations of both Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. In the Actual Byzantine Rite Practice, which entails the reception of both Body and Blood, this is done by Intinction and one receives by tipping one’s head back with the Priest, after one is called to receive with the words “Approach With Fear of The Lord and With Faith”, with having the Sacrament dropped into one’s mouth via Gold Plated Holy Communion Spoon. The Melkite Greek Catholic Church of Byzantine Rite uses Unleavened Bread while the rest of The Byzantine Rite uses Leavened Bread. The Melkites dip the Consecrated Host into the Blood of Christ.

Nobody explained as to WHY when the “Our Father” was recited, that the Doxology “For The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory…” was added to the “Lord’s Prayer” in the Novus Ordo Mass. But, this too is a Byzantine Rite Practice, except that this Doxology is sung by the Priest. St. John Chrysostom, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of The Church and Patriarch of Constantinople, found this Doxology in a New Testament Codex, hence this is Catholic Practice, albeit Byzantine and not Roman Catholic. The Protestant way of The Lord’s Prayer, added the Doxology to the Bible and The Lord’s Prayer as an ending. For me, a Traditional Latin Mass Catholic who has been going to the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, this Ancient, Beautiful Divine Liturgy has answered my questions about Practices in the Roman Catholic Ordinary Form Mass.
Now, the form of Catechises today, teaches very little Doctrine regarding The Eucharist, especially the Schoolchildren. Often enough, the “Meal” theory is taught, instead of Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. And, beginning in the USA, June, 1977, Holy Communion In The Hand was permitted, leading to Less Reverence for The Sacrament.

Overall, Catechises was poor. Sin is not emphasized. Neither is Grace.
It is a Formula for Disaster.

Kyrie Elaison!


“A Poor Church”?

3 Oct

Now, WHAT Does Pope Francis I(“Hip, Hip, Jorge”, to borrow from a Chant of Adulation for NY Yankees Catcher Jorge Posada) mean when he says “A Poor Church”?

If the Utter Persecution of The Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate is any indication of what is meant by “A Poor Church”, then “The Crypto Bergoglians” of The “Spirit of Vatican II” Era, will turn a Tired and Run Down Church into a Total Disaster Area.  On the 1st Sunday Of Advent in November, 1969, one could sense that the “New Order” was “Out of Order”, especially when “Et cum Spiritu Tuo” was “Translated”(Manhandled by The ICEL)as about the equivalent of “Same To You, Buddy Boy”, in the line, “And Also With You”, which was a NO(Novus Ordo Novelty) Interpretation, hoisted upon The Roman Catholic Faithful, to Satisfy the Protestant Belief that there is No Such Animal as a Sacramental, Sacrificing Priesthood, for those who speak, write and read English, whether British, Canadian or American English. Let me say that a “Cranmer Style” Table, with No Saint’s  Relic in the Portable Altar, signifies that “The Mass of All Time” was being replaced by “An Entertainment or Lecture”, instead of The Mystery of The Sacrifice. In short, The Reputedly Masonic Secular Humanist, Father Hannibal Bugnini,a Vincentian Order Priest, wished to strip out the Traditional Catholic Elements of The Roman Rite Church, replacing these elements with Lutheran, Anglican, Jewish and Byzantine Traditions, which amounted to concocting a refreshment, mixing Apples, Oranges, Lemons and Cherries into a Frappe’, which is a strange tasting beverage,capable of inducing the action of Vomiting the contents.

If you must ask about the Byzantine Rite Elements, they aren’t as beautifully done in the Roman Rite as they are done in the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom(Not Even Close to the Beauty, Solemnity and Awe of this Ancient and Venerable Catholic Liturgy of Byzantine Origin). The Doxology of The Lord’s Prayer is sung by The Priest. Standing to receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ at Holy Communion, with the words “Holy Gifts for Holy People” and “Approach With Fear of The Lord and With Faith” are chanted to the Faithful as they approach the Priest to receive the Most Holy Sacrament of The Altar. under both species via Intinction, with The Priest distributing the Sacrament via Gold Plated Holy Communion Spoon and not via two separate ministers, both Ordained and Laity.

Currently, it is the Desire of an Avowed Modernist Pope of Jesuit Origin, to “Complete the Work of Implementing Vatican II”, an unmitigated Disaster of Epic Proportions, which works included the Schema of a Modern Liturgy, which caused for the Loss of Belief in the Corporeal Real Presence of Jesus Christ in The Eucharist. This Pope mocks those who actually believe in Authentic Church Tradition, especially in the Tridentine Latin Mass, by calling out the Young People who seek The Lord in a Liturgy previously denied to them, Young People who have no use for Liturgical Muzak, nor any use for World Youth Day, which is a “Consecrated Beach Party”, as is the case in Rio in Brazil. They aren’t into “Youth Masses”, with all the Condescension toward them, as some Ageing Hippies strum some song(Hymns are for The Worship of The Triune God), about Glory To Man(Gloria In Homo).

A Most Dear Friend was thoroughly Furious at an “Interfaith Service” in a Roman Catholic Parish, where not only Catholics but Protestants(Who she calls “Heretics”, which I agree with, since none of these Communities have a Validly Ordained Priesthood) and Reformed and Conservative Jews, get together to pray and not offend each other, which represents the “Ecumenical Spirit”, which means that no one actually converts to the “One, True Church”, founded by Christ Himself. There was a Coffee Hour afterwards. My Dear Friend was incensed that Protestant Ministers, many being Women, were preaching readings of Sacred Scriptures.

When a Mass of Transferral For a Pastor Emeritus is substantially missing a good # of People in the Pews, one can thank the Novelties of The Vatican II Church for the Decline in the Crowds of The Faithful for The Mass. Such Novelties as a Protestantized Liturgy, with Elements copied from Schismatics, Heretics and composed by a Secular Humanist, led to a massive decline of Faithful in the Pews, from 78% in 1960, to 25% in 2014. With a Weakened and plain weak Liturgy which confused the Faithful, which was actually composed by Father Bugnini in 1962, only to premiere in November, 1969, this signified trouble was ahead.

Vatican II improperly defined Ecumenism. When The Church called the other Councils, also called Ecumenical Councils, it was for the Particular Catholic Churches, both Roman Rite Catholic and the Eastern Catholic Churches with no outsiders as onlookers. These Councils explained Dogma and Doctrine to correct Errors being taught. Vatican II was a huge gathering, which included the Schismatics who were not in Union with Rome, with no dogmas explained, nor Errors corrected. The Council of Trent in 1570, in the battle with the Heretical Protestant Sects, codified and standardized the Mass with what is called The Tridentine Latin Mass, which Pope Saint Pius V, binding the Church in regards to the Mass.
Ecumenical is from the Greek word meaning Household. Whereas this Council confused the meaning of Ecumenical, by including the Heretics and Schismatics. The Church condemned the Current and Patently False Ecumenism several times over the years. By Vatican II, it had a meaning divorced from the actual meaning.

Almost empty seminaries, Orders of Nuns fading, and Catholic Elementary Schools closing up, says a lot about the New Evangelization.
Your Holiness, your “Poor Church” is here. If you go through the with Completing the Work of Vatican II, it won’t be just a “Poor Church”, but a thoroughly devastated vineyard, where nothing will grow except decay. Clown Masses, Anyone?

Kyrie Elaison


$3K Tickets At Fenway Park?

26 Sep

For those Catholics who will spend $3K for Derek Jeter’s Farewell at Fenway Park, one wonders what your priorities are. This is ONLY a Baseball Game and Derek Jeter is not Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke.

Think about this as you lay out $3K to sit in torture devices from the 1930s called The Blue Grandstand Seats, a place where I suffered backaches which aren’t pleasant. My best seat for comfort was a folding chair for Braves at Red Sox, which the Sawx won in 2007. Me? I am a Red Sox Fan, who goes to Fenway to escape the misery of the latest idiotic move by some twit named JEFFY, as he is sarcastically called, in The Swamps of Corona, Queens.

Think of what your $3K would buy, other than the Hedonistic Pleasure of watching Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour as it comes crashing to a halt.
Have you No Priorities in your life other than seeing an Ordinary Man play out the string, as there will be No Postseason? What about donating it to a True Charity like your local parish school so a child can meet his or her tuition payments?(Catholic Schools aren’t low cost like they were in April, 1964, before Derek Jeter was even born).
Am I making sense to you, or is this above your head?

Give this sometime to sink in. That child will thank you in the morning or for the rest of his or her life for the opportunity of a Catholic Education(If the Education is an orthodox one).

Kyrie Elaison


Thank You Bro. Sumner Herrick FMS

18 Sep

A native of Boston of an Irish Background, amidst the Confusion of The Post Vatican II Era, Marist Brother Sumner Herrick once corrected me in regards to the Lenten Fastimg Rule of Fridays of Abstinence.
For I was eating a Meatloaf Sandwich at St Agnes High School, then run by the Marist Brothers and supported by Saint Agnes Parish on East 43rd Street(Home to the Tridentine Latin Mass, beginning in 1989).
Brother Sumner Herrick stopped me in my tracks and explained the Abstinence Rule of Lent.

Thank You Bro. Sumner Herrick, FMS. At least SOMEONE cleared up Church Teaching in the Post Vatican II Era of Massive Confusion.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh(St. Agnes High School Class of 1973).

“Pastor Jasper, What Goes Next”(New Mass)

24 Aug

It was Vincentian Father Annibale Bugnini who in a “State of Bragadoccio” once said “I Am The Reform.” I am surprised that he didn’t end the Mass Prayers of “The Mass of Paul VI” with the words “So Mote It Be.”
For you see, Bugnini was a Wheeler Dealer in the World of The Catholic Church.
But WHY a Mass by The Catholic Church for PROTESTANTS?

Ecumenism of The False Variety, where The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, always called “The One, True Faith”, as Founded by Jesus Christ, had entered The Church.  But the Liturgy of “The Bride of Christ” was Sublime, as it was in the Extraordinary Form, a True Sacrifice.

But the “Reformed” Liturgy or “New Mass”, would lose a lot for Roman Rite Catholics. In fact, losing Her Identity with the New Mass, did lead to decline.
The “Confiteor” Prayer once prayed to Almighty God and for the Intercession of various Saints. In Latin it was prayed by the Priest, then by the Congregation.  But, with the 1965 Update To The 1962 Roman Missal, was prayed in English, with The Offertory and Consecration Prayers in Latin, with Priest Facing Liturgical East.
In the Translation, one did read the Prayers which OFFERED Sacrifice for Remission and Expiation of the Sins of The Priest & the Congregation. The Offertory Prayers were extensive, in Anticipation of The Sacrifice of Christ in an Unbloodied Manner.

But, by and large, Lutherans(Except for the Swedish and Finnish State Churches), Those of The Anglican Communion(With the Exception of The Anglo Catholics) & the Methodists, do NOT believe in The Sacrifices of Masses, nor in a Sacrificing Priesthood. This “Liturgy of Unity” may be fine for those Protestant Communities, as everything appears to be both Eucharistic and Liturgical, but with this new Catholic Liturgy, it is as if The Roman Rite does NOT exist as we knew it back in the day, when the Mass was in Latin, Exclusively.

In The “Confiteor” of The New Mass, Blessed Mary Ever Virgin is prayed only Once, whereas Brethren is prayed Twice, while the names of Saints Michael The Archangel, Saint John The Baptist, Saint Peter and St Paul The Apostles, are eliminated from the Prayer, so as NOT to offend Protestant Beliefs.

But the Biggest Kicker here is the Offertory Prayers, which went from Offering The Host(Which comes from Hostia, a Latin Noun meaning Victim), while the Priest prays for the Forgiveness of the Sins of The Priest and all Faithful Christians, both present at Mass and not present, by the Offering to God of The Humble Gifts of Bread and Wine, anticipating the Sacrifice.

At The Consecration of The Wine, now becoming the Blood of Christ, the Words “Mysterium Fidei”(Mystery of Faith), are actually part of The Roman Canon, signifying that the Bread and Wine are now The Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity Of Jesus Christ.

Sadly, “Mysterium Fidei” was separated from the Canon, as that too would offend Protestant Sensibilities, so “Mysterium Fidei”, became an Antiphon to be sung.

In The Case of The Offertory, the Expiatory Prayers of The Offertory were replaced by two Jewish Passover Blessing Table Prayers.

Whereas there was once the Roman Canon, there are now 17 Eucharistic Prayers. The Roman Canon is Eucharistic Prayer I, but the Mystery of Faith has been stripped from The Canon of The Mass, as well as the other 16 Eucharistic Prayers.

Adding Gestures such as The Byzantine Rite’s Standing For Holy Communion & their Eucharistic Bow before receiving Holy Communion, are not Roman Rite Practices. Neither is receiving Holy Communion in The Hand, as it is Protestant.

There was once two Peace Prayers, including “Deliver us O Lord”, but  which included making Intercessions with The Blessed and Ever Glorious Virgin Mary, Mother of God and the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, but in keeping with The Spirit of The New and False Ecumenism, which would be part and parcel of The New Mass, these Saints References were eliminated.

As this Liturgy was translated into English from the Latin, in the case of “Dignum Et Justum Est”, instead of “It is Right and Just”, which is correct, the 1st Improper Translation was “It is Right to Give You Thanks and Praise”, which changed in the 1975 Update To “It is Right to Give Him Thanks and Praise.” But, I ask WHY such a longer phrase than what the Latin really said? That Question might never be answered.

Humanism crept into the responses. “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo”, normally was translated as “And With Your Spirit”, was then Translated as “And Also With You”, as Protestants do not recognize the Sacramental and Sacrificial Priesthood.
In the case of “Domine Non Sum Dignus, ut Intres Sub Tecum Meum, Sed Tantum Dic Verbo et Sanibitur Anima Mea”, the Supernatural Faith Element was left out. The “Translation” read “Lord I am not worthy to receive You, but only say the Word and I shall be healed.” 
Anima Mea is “My Soul”, the Spirit which animates one’s body. Are Protestants soul-less creatures? I doubt that.

Another sign of “Unity” is the Reading of Scripture. Protestants go more for Scripture and “Sola Scriptura et Sola Fide.” Since they don’t believe in Sacrifice in the Liturgy, Extra Scripture will be fine.

So, in The Tridentine Latin Mass and the Updated version in 1965, there are the Scriptural Readings, consisting of Introit, Epistle, Graduale and Gospel, followed by Homily.
But, in the Interests of The False Ecumenists, this became Opening Prayer, Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, New Testament, Alleluia or Tract, and Gospel, followed by Homily.
In the Tridentine Latin Mass, there was more mention of Sin. That is not the case today, in that God’s Justice is Minimized while God’s Mercy is Maximized.

BAD, “Do I Not Love Me”, Liturgical Muzak is characteristic of The New Mass.  But this is because of so called “Inculturation” of Local Customs, some of them Pagan in Origin. Mixing the Worldly with The Supernatural, does not cut it. It becomes a Worship of MAN and NOT OF GOD.

As far as the Primary Author of The New Mass is concerned, Annibale Bugnini was made an Archbishop for his efforts of writing this Novelty called The New Mass. But, he was discovered to be a Freemason & shipped into exile as Apostolic Nuncio for Iran, in 1974.

These are the “Fruits” of this man’s work on the New Mass:
A mother lode of Catholics who disbelieve the Eucharistic Mystery;
A major drop in Mass attendance around the world;
A Major Drop in Priestly and Religious Vocations;
Many Ex Catholics;
Bad Catechisis;
So much for the “Liturgical Renewal” and the “New Springtime”, as it has been a “Bitter Winter.”

As for the Mainline PROTESTANTS, now they ordain Women to Ministry.

Kyrie Elaison!


STAGS Gone-Site Two By NYU Med

19 May

stationsquarestudios – STAGS Gone-Wrapup 2 Forest Hills Queens NY

14 May

stationsquarestudios – STAGS Gone-Wrapup From Forest Hills Queens NY

14 May