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Stormy In Ontario & Quebec & Mansbridge Is Back

3 Aug

And it is Political Storm Time as Parliament in Canada is dissolved.

Dear Canadians, Welcome to American Style Electoral Torture. As I live in the USA, I lnow Something About Politicians. They are part of “The Parliament Of Whores”, as they prostrate themselves before the Altar of Ambition, selling out their Priciples(Which Is WHY I Call them “The Parliament Of Whores”, as they live to perpetuate themselves on the various perks of Office. If you must know why I call Politicians “The Parliament Of Whores”, let me say that the Title is inspired by The American, Mr. P.  J. O’Roarke, of Sarcastic, Irish Wit).

Donald Trump has Money. Donald Trump says what he says and is an American Original from The Borough of Queens.
Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan of The RC Archdiocese Of New York, calls Donald Trump, one who pushes “The Nativist Mindset.” Cardinal Dolan is originally from St. Louis. He seeks Acceptance of The National Pundits, and I don’t mean either Rex Murphy or Peter Mansbridge. His Eminence seeks Acceptance from “The Parliament Of Whores”, in Washington, DC, in Albany, NY, or The Island called Manhattan.
His Eminence would turn into Casper Milquetoast, if ever grilled by Mr Terry Miliewski on “CBC News The National.” It would NOT be a Pretty Sight. At least, Mr Miliewski would have the Proper Press Credentials to present to The NYPD, unlike Someone who hides in “The Warehouse In Detroit”, hurling Invective from a Studio on a Nightly Basis.

Peter Mansbridge has returned to “CBC News The National.” It is Good to see him again, as it is Good to see Rex Murphy again. Rex is Right, for Canada has No Donald Trump. And Peter Mansbridge is Peter Mansbridge, who reminds me of Mr Walter Cronkite.

If it is Storming in Quebec and Ontario, by tomorrow sometime, there will be Storms over the Tri State New York Metropolitan Area, which should cool down things a bit. And The Weather Network tends to be accurate. Whatever occurs in Quebec and Ontario, Weatherwise, follows here in the NYC 5 Boroughs and Suburbs.


Papa Bergoglio, Bill De Blasio, Global Warming & CBC News

22 Jul

In the case of the Anti Global Warming Movement, which would cause CBC’s Redoubtable Mr Rex Murphy a couple of minutes of Gastrointestinal Discomfort, followed by several minutes of thoughtful though snarky observations, His Holiness Pope Francis spoke about Global Warming.
So did a gent, who was born on the Island of Manhattan and raised riding the “T” in Boston, of Revolutionary Spirit, Warren William De Blasio Wilhelm.
It was “The Holy See Meets The Mayors of The Cities of The World In Regards To Climate Change.”

It was not unusual to see Papa Bergoglio on CBC News The National. It was a bit strange seeing NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio though. But then his City, which is where I was born and raised(Brooklyn), will be a site of a UN Meeting where His Holiness will address that August, Godless Body, a place on 1st Avenue in the East 40s by Tudor City, in a Neighborhood once called Turtle Bay. My Dad once recommended taking a couple of giant bulldozers and shoving the United Nations Complex into the murky waters of the East River, a Strait of Salt Water which is actually part of the Atlantic Ocean.
Pope Paul VI(Papa Montini) addressed the UN on October 4th, 1965. He later went to Yankee Stadium I to offer Mass. Vatican II was still in Session.

I hardly watch TV from New York City, but was watching CBC News The National “On The Mobile”, as the Redoubtable Mr Peter Mansbridge would put it. And it is there that I would see The Mayor of The City of New York.

It was the Hot Air of Global Warming which was discussed.

No doubt, Rex Murphy would wretch!


On CBC News The National, Terry’s Bite, & Mike’s Yelp

21 Jul

Michael Voris wouldn’t last a moment on CBC News The National, at least not in Ottawa. You see, Mr Voris has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on CBC News Ottawa Correspondent Terry Miliewski, he of English Accent and the bite of a “Great White Shark” off the Coast of Australia, or at least Prince Edward Island.

Terry, reporting on the Child Care Cheques coming from the Canadian Government, cracked “And if you didn’t know about the Child Care Cheques over the past three weeks, you must have been vacationing on Mars.” While Mr Voris is telling Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan about his impending trip to a Place Which is Hotter Than Miami at Noontime on July 4th, while broadcasting from the Warehouse Studio in Detroit, Terry would most likely tell Mr Voris that “You most likely, will join His Eminence in the Same Downward Spiral to The Netherworld.”

And Terry Miliewski would NOT have a “Video Martyrdom Special” on either CBC Television or on You Tube. He would have asked Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan a tough question and not be a Drama Queen about it.

That is what journalism is supposed to be.



Watching CBC News-The National & CBC News At 6

20 Jul

CBC News-The National was viewed with utmost clarity. CBC News Montreal At 6 was watched as well from a Cafe.
Only, I was nowhere near Montreal
but rather that cafe’ was on Queens Boulevard near Union Turnpike in Forest Hills. Yes, it is one of those ubiquitous Starbucks Locations.

CBC News The App is on my Android Mobile. So I was watching last evenings CBC News-The National, hosted by Mr David Common out of Toronto. I recall him as CBC’s UN Correspondent operating from New York City. I recall him doing a story from the Apple Store at East 59th Street and Fidth Avenue. I also recall him on CBC Radio One with the World Report, early in the morning.

CBC News Montreal At 6 is live, so I got to see Frank Cavallaro, doing the Weather for Montreal. I usually hear him on “Daybreak Montreal” on CBME FM 88.5 in the Early Morning.

It’s the Highly Improved CBC News App for Android, which works so much better on Android Lollipop(5.0.2), with an unlimited 4G LTE Connection.

It was almost as if I was in Montreal. My last time in Montreal was 1973. And CBC Television never looked this good.



“Rear” Is A Double Entendre On March 17th

14 Mar

This appropriately is where “OUT@NBCUniversal” is marching in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, at a part where the crowds are thinned out.

“Sorry, Ellen!”
That they’re at the Rear of The Parade, is appropriate, since this group knows the Other Meaning to Rear.

Of course, the Old Media will attempt to mainstream this group, is testament to the Old Media’s Survival.

Got that, CNBC?


Starbucks & Tim Horton’s

29 Jan

Tim Horton once played NHL Hockey in Toronto and New York. He opened a chain of Strong Coffee Shops in Ontario.
Starbucks is named for a work of fiction. Coffee at Starbucks is rather fancy.
Starbucks was founded by a kid, in Seattle, Washington, who came from the Canarsie, Section of Brooklyn NY.

And to Rex Murphy, the founder of Starbucks, grew up in Brooklyn. You got a problem with that, eh?


The Maritimes Are Facing The Brunt Of The Blizzard

28 Jan

Dear New York Metro Area:
With only a foot of Snow, you got off easy.
But New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, well they are getting Walloped by this storm.
One wonders if this is a foretelling of what may occur at Super Bowl XLIX, score Wise.
About a Metre and One Half is expected in those areas.
New England got walloped today. Is this a sign that Belichik and Company will meet a Similar Fate?
The answer is Sunday at 6pm(7:30pm in Newfoundland)until the end of the game.
Meanwhile, New Yorkers got off easy.