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It Is Storm Warning Time, Eh!

2 Jul

When I was a child in the NYC Borough of Brooklyn, We always got Storm Warnings about an impending Tropical Storm or Hurricane. Now the equipment today is more sophisticated. There are even Apps for that.
For Superstorm Sandy, I received alerts on the iPod Touch 4G for NYC, via, of all Broadcasters, CBC News.
Yes, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, kept me better informed than WCBS News Radio 880. And I live in Querns and NOT Montreal.
As My Most Dear Friend would say, “Isn’t this Weird?”
Indeed it is!

M, Eh!

“All In A Weekend”(CBC Radio One Montreal)

24 May

On Saturday Mornings, CBME FM 88.5 MHz, Montreal(104.7 MHz in the West End of Isle De Montreal), on CBC Radio One, which I listen to via the CBC Android Radio App, has a pleasantly fun radio show called “All In A Weekend.” It reminds me of a pleasant, informative, “Easy On The Ears” Programme called “Rambling With Gambling”, a longtime programme, heard over WOR AM 710 KHz, in New York City. It has News and Local Features of general interest and light music.
It sure beats listening to “The Obnoxious Stream of Callers” to that “Institue For The Intellectually Impeded”, at Sports Radio 660 AM/101.9 FM, WFAN in Lower Manhattan.
I am listening right now to “All In A Weekend.” Get the CBC Radio App for Android or iOS and join in. You might learn something new.

M, Eh!

NBA commissioner bans Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life

30 Apr

iHeart Radio App Brings Me Up To Speed

30 Mar

Tune In Radio App was quite good, but, all of a sudden, both WOR 710 & WABC 770 were not there for me. I do like “Imus In The Morning”, “Rush Limbaugh”, “Sean Hannity” and certain good stations I remember.
My next maneuver is for MLB Radio Package so I can listen to both the Boston Red Sox and the NY Mets.
I do have a seperate Radio App to listen to CBC Radio One, Two and Three. Both of these apps use far less in MB than did The Tune In Radio App.
If I want the BBC, there is always an App for that.

M, Eh!

Rain Delay To Topple Citi Field Opener

30 Mar

The NY Mets are scheduled to open at Citi Field on Monday, March 31st. They face the Washington Nationals, the only team in MLB History, never to call a US State a Home State.
The Washington Nationals, you see, are the Old Montreal Expos. It is reflected in their Road Uniforms. Whereas they once called The Canadian Province of Quebec and for two seasons for part of the season, San Juan in the US Territory of Puerto Rico, Home Base, they now call the District of Columbia, Home, in the Nation’s Capital.
Oh, Well, there is always April Fools Day on April 1st to get the Season Opener played.
This is true about March, which usually comes in Like a Lion, but, this year, it will either go out like a Lion or just a big old Bear. The Weather may have gotten a bit milder, but it is raining Cats and Dogs. It is the latest reminder of “The Winter which doesn’t want to go away.”
There isn’t a hint of spring, as no flowers have even begun to bud.

M, Eh!

It Looks Like Just A Couple of Snow Showers Tomorrow

24 Mar

In short, the Winter Superstorm may just be a few quick snow showers and a few snow flurries.
That is better than a full bird blizzard. This has been a Winter of Isolation. It was not fun in other words.
But, I will follow the storm track. I do remember Super Bowl Sunday some weeks back. It was 53°F(11°C). It was so very nice and pleasant. It was the Blizzard the Next Day, which was the Utter Surprise.

M, Eh!

Uh, Oh, But The Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is making A Comeback

23 Mar

It is 59°F(15°C), right now in Queens. Tomorrow Night, it Will be 18°F(-7°C).
The New York City Winter which doesn’t want to go away, is returning by tomorrow night. And by Tuesday, 03/25/2014, we may be in for a Blizzard.
March often arrives like a lion and leaves like a lamb. This Time, the lion might hang around for a little bit.
It was in March, 1998, when the temperature soared to 95° F, it being Dad’s Birthday on Sunday, 03/29/1998.
But the funny moment of The Day came from a Catholic Priest. Asked why he wore a heavy jacket, he put it rather bluntly
“It’s March.”

M, Eh!

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