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The Society Of St Pius X Are Not In Schism

1 Sep

I realize that upon Pope Francis granting extraordinary Missionaries of Mercy status to the Society Of Saint Pius X, this means One Thing:
The SSPX Are NOT In Schism. The Papacy recognizes this fact.

So to those who work at “The Warehouse In Detroit”, WHY DO YOU PERSIST IN YOUR BELIEF, particularly the Mop Haired One, who throws around the Grievous Accusation of SCHISM, in much the way that David Ortiz & David Wright knock Pitchers around in Major League Baseball Parks?

How do you confuse the Society Of Saint Pius X with the Schismatic SEDEVACANTISTS, called the Society Of Saint Pius V? 
And WHO ARE THOSE CARDINALS You spoke to, Mr Voris, who you won’t reveal the names of?
I’m just hoping that they aren’t based in St. Louis.

Kyrie Elaison!


A-CNN – The Pope is Always Right(Satire Of Voris)

29 Aug

Nice Satire! On The Site of “The Remnant Newspaper” is real discussion NOT SUBJECT To The Whims of Gary Michael Voris, Simon “Says” Rafe & MRS NILES(Censor Pro Cardinalum Carolum In Nomini Pax VORIScum).

Kyrie Elaison!


“It’s OVER, Mr Voris. Got It?”

14 Aug

Your “House Of Censorship”, where someone of a more orthodox thought of the Teaching of One, Holy, Catholic & Appstolic Church, is censored by either your “Cub Reporters”, or someone named “Denial.”

You People act as if you are the ONLY SHOW dedicated to One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, when there are Sites which are more orthodox. Those are the sites you stabbed in the back from “The Warehouse Of Toys and Gadgets In Detroit.”

I suspect that your underlings are patrolling comboxes on the more orthodox Catholic sites. Why else do you seek to ban comments, UNLESS the Commenter can be trusted to agree with WHATEVER “Fearless Leader” says.

WHY should one PAY for the Honour of being censored and belittled by “Fearless Leader”, whoever he or she is?

Besides, it will save US$10 per month.

You people are more “Neo Catholic” than The Vatican.


Establishment & New Media

1 Aug

The Establishment Media is busy with Cecil The Lion:
The New Media covers the Planned Parenthood Scandal;

Since WHEN is a Lion’s Life more important than a Human Life?

Kyrie Elaison!


“I’m In A New York State Of WAR”

20 Jul

The title paraphrases Bronx Born, Long Island Raised Mr William(Billy)Joel, as this is a bit of Humour.
Metro North Railroad Meets Long Island Railroad. There are Two Stations of Significance. One is Oyster Bay on the LIRR. The Other is Croton Harmon on Metro North Railroad’s Hudson Line.
I have ridden into both stations at least once.
Eventually, like in 2016, the LIRR will actually lumber into Grand Central Terminal to hook up with Metro North Railroad.


Like how does The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex fit In with Metro Detroit?

Well, the Apologist Polemicist in The Studio Warehouse in Metro Detroit, is originally from Northern Westchester County, North of The Bronx, while The Wealthy Texas “Fanboi”, is from Long Island’s North Shore, in Nassau County
And I, a Writer, am Originally from
Long Island’s Westernmost County called Kings County in that County’s Easternmost Area.
For those of you who are wondering about Kings County, it means that I am originally from BROOKLYN.
And I’m in a New York State Of WAR.
And the war is versus two Suburbanites who live elsewhere(Like Outta State).

When one thinks of it, “A New York State Of WAR” is appropriate in this case. One guy in the Metro Detroit Suburb of Ferndale, MI, while another is calling “Shotgun” via email, are running a Cyber War via Comboxes on Catholic Faith Based Blogs by monitoring what we Catholic Faith Based Writers say, so we can subscribe to their Video Based Blog only to get blacked out of commenting on their site because of our More Orthodox Stands on The Catholic Faith.

Go Figure that Two Ex New York Suburbanites, one of them called “Dr Strangedude” & The Other, who resembles Justin Bieber In Middle Age with a Moe Howard Haircut, are creating havoc around Catholic Blogdom, by acting like “The Little Popes With their Own Magisteria”, proclaiming their Disoriented Despisement of The SSPX as Schismatics, while they confuse the Letter X with the Letter V. The Letter V is 5 and the Letter X is 10.

The Letter V is part of The Schismatic, Sedevacantist Society of St Pius V, who tell the World that the Last Pope is Venerable Pius XII, while the rest after Pius XII are Antipopes.
The Letter X is connected to the Society of St Pius X. They Are NOT in Schism. They have an Irregular Canonical Status, and since this order may offer Mass in various Basillicas, they are NOT outside of The Church.

The Both of them need a lesson in Roman Numerals & Catholic History.

Watch it, as I live in Queens, a “Suburb” of Brooklyn. And those of us Catholic Faithful from The Five Boroughs, do not take kindly to Ex New York Suburbanites, who think in terms of rushing around by Automobiles, rushing to “The ‘Burbs” with a “Shopping Mall Culture”.

To paraphrase Billy Joel, “I’m In A New York State Of WAR.”

Got That?


John Vennari Called It Right

20 Jul

Michael Voris is turning his apostolate into a 24 Hour A Day Station, which can prove to be a mistake.
I wonder if when Michael runs out of things to say, will there be reruns of “Wagon Train?”

That would be more entertaining than all those false stories about the SSPX being in schism.

Oh, Well!


On 08/17/15, IT’S OVER, GMV

20 Jul

I will cancel my subscription to Church
It is a matter of conscience which is causing this, not to mention the censorious nature of a Channel, which likes to patrol comboxes on other sites, seeking enemies to censor.
“Good Night, Mr Vortex. How many of your lies and falsehoods have YET to be trapped and Exposed”, especially the Ones about the SSPX?