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It Being Halloween, I Went Tridentine

1 Nov

So I went to Holy Innocents RC Church in Midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue. Our Lady’s Saturday was offered today.
Also, there was a Dominican(OP) Priest named Fr Innocent Smith, who taught us the Dominican Rosary. Afterwards, we had a reception in Isaiah Hall at Holy Innocents.
Then it was Vespers In Latin & then we left.
Mets are losing 5-3 to the KC Royals at Citi Field.
Time for a Missa Pro Metropolitanus.


Kyrie Elaison

Missa Requiem Et Metropolitanus Novi Eboraci

31 Oct

I headed via IND E Train to 5th Avenue East 53rd Street to switch to the M Train to W34th Street 6th Avenue, so to go to a Rare Tridentine Missa Pro Defunctis, where the Priest, Deacon & Subdeacon are vested in Black Vestments.
This is a Requiem Mass(You Remember Requiem Masses), not a cheery celebration of a Man’s or Woman’s Life. For the Missa Novus Ordo is Too Humanistic.
Pro Defunctis means “For The Dead”, not “Pro Metropolitanus”(For The NY Mets, Who Defeated the KC Royals at Citi Field 9-3).
The Priest of The RC Archdiocese of New York, offered the Mass alone with Two Servers, both Males, as this is ALWAYS the case at the Tridentine Latin Mass. It was that Great Eastern Catholic Patriarch, St. John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople, who coined this Gem which applies here:
“Is It Tradition? Ask No More.”

For The Soul Of The Faithful Departed, whether a Member of “Ecclesia Triumphante”(In Paradisium), or “Ecclesia Purgatorio”(The Church Suffering), The Prayer of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic, is of Fervent Supplication with the Chanting of Litanies, between The Epistle & Gospel. Those Living(Ecclesia Militante or Church Militant), are in Prayer & awed by This Litany. There are NO Guitarists singing a Responsorial Psalm, nor that Novus Ordo “Favorite”, “On Eagles Wings.”

At the end of The Last Gospel(The Incarnation), Father spoke of Our Relationship with God, coming via The Sacraments. He spoke in terms of Sunday’s NYC Marathon.
The Winners Finish The Race, and then they go to the Sidelines to root for the others to finish the race.
The Winners ARE “The Church Triumphant.”
We are NOT in This ALONE. It is NOT merely “Christ Is My Personal Savior”. We must Support One Another to The Ultimate Prize.

Metropolitanus Novi Eboraci Members did that Last Night. David Wright & Curtis Granderson built up and gave this support to The Team. And so did Fanaticae Metropolitanus build up their team, last night.

Deo Gratias!


Kyrie Elaison

On TBS Via RSN Via Ustream

22 Oct

Never did the NY Mets trail in a Game at any time during the National League Championship Series versus the Chicago Cubs. They even beat Jon Lester, once of the Red Sox under Theo Epstein. Epstein is now the Cubs General Manager.
Even Theo Epstein had no more Tricks Up his sleeve. This wasn’t the NY Yankees & Boston Red Sox in 2004 in the ALCS. This was Reality. The Chicago Cubs have not been to the World Series since 1945. The Cubs haven’t won the World Series since 1908. TBS, FOX, ESPN & RSN didn’t exist then, either.
And I was able to watch THIS 4th Game of The NLCS on my Mobile Smartphone, viewing Canada’s Rogers Sportsnet’s carriage of the TBS Coverage via

NY Mets 8, Chicago Cubs 3 was the Final Score. Funny but the Mets were 0-7 versus the Cubs in the 2015 Regular Season. But, the Cubs totally choked.

The World Series is NEXT On FOX(ESPN & RSN in Canada). Joe Buck, as always, will be his annoying self.

Da, Da, Dot, Da, Da, Dahhhh!


Kyrie Elaison

Headline In NY Post

16 Oct


NY Mets take LA Dodgers on Left Coast. NLCS On TBS At 7:30PM ET, 6:30PM CT, 4:30PM PT on Saturday at Citi Field.

Larry King Will have to watch THIS On Television.

Kyrie Elaison

The NY Mets, A Test Of Faith

21 May

You may be wondering as to WHY I would write something about Major League Baseball, in particular, the New York Mets.
Normally, this blog covers the World of The Catholic Faith, both Roman/Latin & Eastern, particularly Byzantine in the Eastern Catholic Churches. But, I still follow Baseball.
The Mets are basing themselves on a Team in the San Francisco Bay Area. No, it isn’t a team called the Giants, who over 58 Years Ago, called Upper Manhattan their Home Base.
Rather, The Mets are using the Oakland Athletics Strategy of “Moneyball”, as run by one Billy Beane, a former Minor Leager in the Minor League System of The New York Mets.
However, this Mets Mess is caused by a Primary Ownership, consisting of a Family, whose claim to fame, is having invested in a “Sure Fire Investment Scheme” with “Bernie From Far Rockaway” Madoff, who is now in a Federal Prison for 150 Years(Which means in reality, for good).
A couple of Mets Fans have a Billboard near Citi Field, calling for the Primary Ownership to sell the Team. Good Luck to THAT Strategy.
I am a Boston Red Sox Fan, who was 49 Years Old when the “Olde Towne Team” finally won a World Series for the 1st Time since 1918.
I understand the Mets Situation, having grown up going to Shea Stadium. I have been to Citi Field a total of two times. But, to me, there was nothing like Shea Stadium, what, with the Highest Upper Level in Major League Baseball. And wackier fans than anywhere, except for the Lower Bleachers in Fenway Park in the Kenmore Section in Boston, where I got a chance to razz Hall of Famer Ricky Henderson, for hiding in the Mets Clubhouse in Atlanta, during the 1999 National League Championship Series, playing cards with Bobby Bonilla. It was an evening where some girl named Kristen, was being razzed by certain Red Painted Males, who called her “The Vamp of The Fenway Bleachers” on September 8th, 2000.
It was a combined Red Sox & Mets Moment.
There was in 2002, a Moment in Shea Stadium, where the Utterly Despised William Roger Clemens, he who beaned Mets Catcher Mike Piazza in July, 2000 at Toilet II(Yankee Stadium II), was razzed by the combination of NY Mets & Boston Red Sox Fans. The Battle Flags of The Two Former World Series Opponents of 1986, were waved amid the Sarcastic Chant of “Roggggah”. The Game was televised on FOX. Even Joe Buck of FOX Sports got into this wild scene, calling for Mr Clemens to suffer some pain.
The New York Mets actually won 11 Games in a row on the 1st Home stand of the year, something which has not occurred since 1991 in Major League Baseball. In my opinion, I thought that this was way too good to be true.
But the New York Mets are fading quickly. In this town, you can’t play it like the Oakland Athletics. And I do call for a solution for rather Long Suffering Mets Fans. It is a Demand to the Principal Owner, Fred Wilson, his son Jeffrey and Fred’s Brother In Law, Sol Katz:
” Sell, Freddie, Sell! And take Jeffy and Uncle Sol With You.”
This bunch is as bad as M. Donald Grant, who traded Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, turning Shea Stadium into  “Grant’s Tomb”, which was no National Monument.
Mets Fans Live On.

” Vomit, Barf, Puke!”


Mets Sweep Yankees At Toilet 3

14 May

Daisuke Matsuzaka worked 3 2/3 Innings and got his 1st Win of the Year, with the New York Mets Trashing the New York Yankees 12-7.
In this Derek Jeter Farewell Tour of Baseball, going back to Last Year, the Yankees have dropped 6 in a row to The Mets. The Chickens are coming Home to Roost in The Bronx.
Mets and Yankees no longer the FOX Teams. Now it is Midweek. No Tim Mc Carver to kick around any more.
Actually, it is a Good Thing because it would be a Friday Night Affair on Local TV, Saturday Afternoon on FOX(Torturous, as Joe Buck, Mr Snarkasm and Tim Mc Carver, also called Captain Obvious, were given to levels of low to high acid indigestion and Nausea, with one such 2002 Telecast from Shea Stadium, June 15th, 2002, on the 25th Anniversary of The 1st Tom Seaver Trade, when Roger “Rocket” Clemens, pitching for the Yankees, and loved as much by Mets and Red Sox Fans, as Hitler is in Forest Hills in Queens{NOT}, was given a brushback pitch, sending the Delirious Mets/Red Sox Fans into Frenzy, as both Teams Fans are an incredible alliance with a Sheer Hatred of The NY Yankees, and especially Roger Clemens, Poster Boy for “Lidocaine & Vitamin B12.” Boston Red Sox and NY Mets War Flags Flew at Full Staff, being waved all over Shea Stadium in the Days before “A-Rod”, said by Tim Mc Carver to be “Responsible for Global Warming.” Roger served up a 2 Run Homer to NY Mets Starting Pitcher Shawn Estes and a Solo Shot to The Catcher he beaned in 2000 @ Yankee Stadium, Mike Piazza, sending Mets/Red Sox Allies into Sheer Delirium, with sarcastic chants of “Roggahhh”, in a game from whence Clemens would end up on the 15 Day DL, a match which would have Mc Carver stating that the feud between Clemens and Piazza was over, only to have Buck calling for Clemens to get hit with a Fastball to his noggin)&Sunday Night on ESPN.

The Action of this Series switches to Citi Field, tonight and tomorrow evening. The Yankees leave town, while the Mets are here for a few more days.
Much of The Yankees Club is old and it is starting to show. Much of the Mets Club is young and inexperienced.

But “Dice K” isn’t a bad pickup at all, especially as Long Relief.

From Red Sox Nation NYC to NY Mets Fans, one big, cheering, rousing Chorus for You and Your Team:
“M-E-T-S, Mets, Mets, Mets!”

I Love It at Fenway Park. I also miss Shea Stadium so very much.

M-Red Sox Nation-NY

“Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus”(My Lord & My God)

27 Apr

When One of The Eleven Apostles, Thomas(His Name Means Twin) finally appeared in the Upper Room, he doubted the Words of the other Apostles, he finally met Jesus. The Christ asked Thomas to probe the marks made in His Hands and the Wound in His Side.
Thomas exclaimed the Words “My Lord & My God”, words often used after the Consecrations of the Bread and Wine into The Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ.
It is not Fair to sheerly think of St. Thomas The Apostle as “Doubtong Thomas”, for Thomas once said in one of the Gospels, in reference to both Jesus and Martyrdom, “Let us Follow Him so that we may die With Him.”
St. Thomas Apostle went as far east as India, then the furthest East that Christ’s Church has ever travelled. The Syro Malankar and Syro Malabar Eastern Catholic Churches are as the Result of Christ as Vine and Thomas as one of The Branches.
For Today, Two Successors of The Apostles, Popes John XXIII(Angelo Roncalli) & John Paul II(Karol Woytyla)have just been Canonized Saints of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Also, as well, a Spanish Born Jesuit Priest who was a Bishop of Potuguese Speaking Brazil, has also been Canonized as a Saint. Saint John XXIII’s Feast Day will be October 11th, the day when the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council was opened.
I can say that I have seen St. John Paul II in person 4 Times, all in Queens and Manhattan. It sure was A Miraculous Event that on October 4th, 1979, wherever He stopped, so did the Severe Rainstorms. His Comment at Shea Stadium is telling, true and Funny. He spoke these words:
“You Have Very Special Weather Here.”

By the way, I actually knew the Priest, who handled the details at Shea Stadium. Last year, after a bad fall in the Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Rectory, where the Priest was Pastor from 2000 to 2012 and Administrator until 2013, Monsignor Joseph Angelo Funaro passed away on the Morning of August 14th, 2013.

Remember Monsignor Joseph Funaro today in your Prayers, for without his organizational skills, The Papal Visit of 10/4/1979 may not have gone so smoothly.

Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus.
In Nomini Patris Et Filli, Et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.



27 Apr

2 Good Innings and no runs. He looks like he shaved off most hair and shaving Home Plate.

6-6 Mets Marlins at Citi Field, 2 Outs, Runner Chris Young at 1st and Hit by Pitch, End of 9th Inning.

M, Eh!

On NY Mets Ownership-Sell the Ball Club, PUH-Lease!

31 Mar

Please SELL the club. The team will go nowhere.


M, EH!

Rain Delay To Topple Citi Field Opener

30 Mar

The NY Mets are scheduled to open at Citi Field on Monday, March 31st. They face the Washington Nationals, the only team in MLB History, never to call a US State a Home State.
The Washington Nationals, you see, are the Old Montreal Expos. It is reflected in their Road Uniforms. Whereas they once called The Canadian Province of Quebec and for two seasons for part of the season, San Juan in the US Territory of Puerto Rico, Home Base, they now call the District of Columbia, Home, in the Nation’s Capital.
Oh, Well, there is always April Fools Day on April 1st to get the Season Opener played.
This is true about March, which usually comes in Like a Lion, but, this year, it will either go out like a Lion or just a big old Bear. The Weather may have gotten a bit milder, but it is raining Cats and Dogs. It is the latest reminder of “The Winter which doesn’t want to go away.”
There isn’t a hint of spring, as no flowers have even begun to bud.

M, Eh!

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