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Bambuser | Video “Wreath Laying At Buddy Monument In Forest Park In Richmond Hill”

7 Nov

Kyrie Elaison


Wallenberg Square

8 Aug


Earth Day In Queens & Storms

22 Apr

It is cool weather in NYC. The Air can be a bit unstable. Warm Air clashed with Cool Air with the Result being a pretty wild Thunderstorm with Penny Sized Hail.
It was loud that thunder. No doubt that lightning was nearby, explained the profound loudness of the thunder. God, through Nature, put on quite a show.

Yet, Earth Day is more of a Day of Man, when it is a Day to appreciate God’s Great Creation of the Physical and Spiritual World. It is NOT a mere day of Commerce as Earth Day has become.

April Showers do bring May Flowers.

Pray for California that California may find Faith & Rain(Both In Abundance).


Soup Supper Singalong On Vimeo

21 Mar

Singalong by Holy Child Jesus Young Peoples Chorus, directed by Steve Pullick, to raise funds for Holy Child Jesus Food Pantry, which is directed by Mr Walter Cooper.


Vimeo Remains Along With Veetle, Bambuser

7 Jun

Plus when is hooked up, will rarely be used. You Tube will NOT be used except for carriage repeat from  Dailymotion will be Vimeo Backup.
Vimeo Streams, will be fed to Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Google+ and Pinterest. Ditto, Dailymotion.
You Tube Streams from will follow Vimeo Setup. Ustream will be also follow the stream setup.

But, Vimeo is the Prime Video Streaming Network. Veetle is the Primary Live Network Streaming Feed.

M, Eh!

Something I Have Found About Non Profit Organisations On Video

7 Jun

Many absolutely despise appearing on You Tube. They think(as well as I do)that You Tube has a cheap look and tend towards exhibiting their organization on something more classy. So, when I recorded an Awards Presentation, I was asked to load the video to Since I have a Vimeo+ account, I uploaded it to the Very Classy Vimeo, where the Audience actually has intelligence.
And with Android Jelly Bean 4.1, Vimeo will be back to Grand Old HD 720p, which means that when something goes to Vimeo, it will look crisp.
Also, when Telecasts originate from the new Android Phone, which of course means Live Internet Television, viewers will notice the difference, being able to see more on screen. It was the 1st Ever Video Coverage of The Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship on a Video Sharing Service other than You Tube, namely Dailymotion, when said HD 720p coverage was carried from East Glendale, Queens USA, on the Website of Radio Tele Luxembourg in Belgium. That it was in HD 720p, outside of You Tube, is what made the event coverage so amazing, as to be picked up by the Network in Europe, which owns Fremantle, which gives us American Idol, The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

Get set for the Future of Content…it is changing to HD 720p.

M, Eh!

Sharing video Congressional & Councilmatic Proclamations For Queens Drug Prevention

6 Jun