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The Quite Excellent Dr. Eugene Michael Jones, Writer Of “The Man Behind The Curtain, Michael Voris & The Homosexual Vortex”

25 Jul

This is a Fascinating Book. One wonders why Michael Voris acts like he is “Mr Macho Catholic.”

It is all a Facade. For Michael Voris is trying hard to hide his Active Homosexual Past. He even looks quite ill in his Facial Features.

He even claimed to have been abused as a child at home. He dreaded going to school where he was called “Gary The Fairy”, because he was effeminate.

If he has such a Homosexual Weakness, why did he hire so many “Male Cub Reporters”?

And his Hatred of Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan is because Voris was booted out of St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers, due to “Sexual Immaturity”, code for Homosexuality, during the era of John Cardinal O’Connor. Cardinal Dolan as Archbishop of New York, is in the Crosshairs of Voris, because of one Fr Miqueli, who did make it through the Seminary, not showing any signs of Sexual Immaturity. Fr Miqueli was in Mr Voris’ Seminary Class. Voris has also accused Edwin Cardinal O’Brien, who was Msgr Edwin O’Brien(Ordained in 1965 by Francis Cardinal Spelman), Seminary Rector at the time, of being Sexually involved with Fr Miqueli, in Rome.

Mrs Niles left her husband & 4 Children, to be Moral Support for Voris. 

Church is one screwy place. 

Board Member Marc Brammer found Voris to be Dishonest in Business & more Dishonest for Hiding Voris’ Gay Lifestyle.

Ferndale, MI is the Centre of Homosexuality in Metro Detroit. Is THIS WHY Mike Voris chose to set up shop there?

What a Conniver Voris is!

Read The E-Book, as E. Michael Jones pulls no punches. 

And Pray for Mike Voris!


Following The US Presidential Election

22 Jul

It will NOT be via the US Television Outlets except via FOX News. 

I will follow via Russia Today, Sky News, Press TV & Canada’s CBC News, as well as LBC in The UK.

I will also follow the Comments of Dr. E. Michael Jones. He speaks True.

“Mary Has Chosen The Better Part”

19 Jul

Jesus Christ & the 12 Apostles came for Dinner to Martha & Mary’s House. Martha was worried about the Hospitality Details.

Mary chose “The Better Part”, by Listening to Jesus.

On the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time, I actually listened to Deacon Greg Kandra preach about Eucharistic Devotion. It is a time to commune with and listen to God. We all need it.

Deo Gratias!


“Five Good Cardinals”, Mr Voris?

15 Jul

Are They In St. Louis, or Glendale, Arizona?

“CFN Media 15: Ecclesiastical Vandalism – The Cupich Appointment – special edition” on YouTube

15 Jul

Quite Excellent! More of The Continuous Modernism & Apostasy in One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church!


15 Jul

I was at Mass this. & last morning. At the end, I met My Most Dear Friend. We walked together and talked about an article by The Great “Pull No Punches” Apologist/Polemicist, Louie Verrecchio.

Louie has a way with words & nicknames. One of those names, directed at Pope Francis, ever since the Heretical “Apostolic Exhortation” known as Amoris Laetitia or “AL”, Louie mentioned the nickname called “Blasphemous Argentinean Heretic.”

So my friend decided to simplify Louie’s Phrase by simply saying “BAH” for Blasphemous Argentinean Heretic. It is a word used for Charles Dickens’ character, Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”, so it should be easy to remember.

There was also some talk about Mr Voris & his latest latest bit, telling that only The Bishops are to blame for EVERYTHING, NOT Pope Francis.

Mr Voris, who  appointed the Utra Leftist, Ultra Heterodox & Ultra Heretical Archbishop Blaise Cupich to the Congregation of Bishops? I am surprised that you haven’t pinned this appointment on Rupert Murdoch. Pope Francis, aka “BAH”, did this, NOT The Executive Producer of “MLB On FOX.”

I realize that some dude in Texas, with Property in Metro Detroit & Time on his hands, is behind all this, with you as “The Pompadored Stooge.” No doubt that the one who has the Gold, Makes The Rules. He despises the SSPX. Hence, you act as his Marionette on a String.

What’s The Next Tale, Cardinal Dolan passes wind on a Subway Platform?

Potential You Tube and Vimeo Sketch is in Planning Stages. It will be quite funny 


RORATE CÆLI: Important Traditional Catholic news from France

13 Jul

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