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“I’m Voting For Trump. I Don’t Care What The Catholics Say”

12 Mar

This is from a Devout Catholic, who is no Neo Catholic. This Woman is a Close Friend of Mine. Pope Francis absolutely INFURIATES Her(I haven’t Trusted this Pope from Day TWO). She calls “A Spade, A Spade.” Protestants & Eastern Orthodox are Heretics.
I realise that The US Bishops as an Exercise in that Vatican II Practice called “Collegiality”, as a Group or “Hapless Bench”, are certainly NOT “In The Centre”, but, rather, Operatives of The Political Entity of Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama, something which I call the Demagogic Party, officially the Democratic Party of The United States of America(Just ask Cardinal Bravo, which a “Little Birdie Told Me”).
Neo Catholics infuriate her. They enrage me. They have No Solution to a Problem. They are “Go With The Flow” and agree with Papal Novelties. If there were “Altar Trangenders” & if Pope Francis I said they were OK, The NeoCats would go along with The Pope.

Neo Catholics don’t have a clue.


Return to Order – The Moral Solution to the Economic Crisis

4 Nov

Kyrie Elaison

Fifth Sunday After Pentecost(Tridentine Latin Mass)

28 Jun

The Epistle is from The 1st Book of Saint Peter, Chapter 3, Verses 8 through 15.
There is a touch of the Beatitudes here and for people not to return Evil and Insults nor to speak Falsehoods. One must return from Evil and Do Good & revere the Lord Christ in one’s heart.

In The Holy Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter 5, Verses 20-24, Jesus Christ is NOT all Warm and Fuzzy. He “Raises The Bar” and warns of being reconciled to One’s Brother or one will end up Fiery Gehenna(Not Miami at 12Noon on July 4th, but something worse).

On “Gaytrimony”, which may have Man’s Legal Standing but NOT GOD’S Grace, there may be(Will Be)a Time of Persecution of Christians, particularly Catholics. It can take any form, especially in the form of Homofascists hiring Unscrupulous Barristers.

Mass was at Saint Agnes on E43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan at 1100 EDT(1600 GMT).

Pray For The Pope’s Conversion and for those who are active Homosexuals.

Kyrie Elaison


The “Charismatic Renewal” Is Liberating

16 Jun

People FROM The Catholic Church, through the Heavy Use of Pentecostal Protestantism with a “Mock Sacrament” called “Baptism Of The Holy Spirit.”

Since WHEN does The Third Person Of The Holy Trinity, lead People out of The “One, True Church” founded by Jesus Christ?

This is WHAT occurs when Catholic Catechisis is anything but solid, and when Catholic Lay Movements take their cue from a Potentially Fraudulent Form of Protestantism. Religious Indifference sets in, via Highly Charged Emotionalism with Entertainment.

I met one much older man in a Starbucks in Forest Hills, Queens. He told me that he used to be Catholic. He also admitted that he was led out of the Church from the “Catholic Charismatic Renewal.” Luther’s Doctrine is so simple, as there was no further teaching from the Catholic Church.

This occurred after major changes to the Roman Catholic Liturgy, with a couple of changes in the Tridentine Form Mass, including the move to English, beginning in Liturgical Year 1965.
Also, due to the Vague Language in the Constitution of The Sacred Liturgy, other changes such as The Use of Modern Music in the Mass, came about.
The Mass by Sunday, November 30th, 1969, was Protestantized, with Priest facing the Congregation for the 1st Time as a matter of course.
Catholic Schoolchildren had it emphasized that Holy Communion is to be thought of as a Meal instead of the Unbloody Re Presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice at Calvary.

Back To The Tridentine Latin Mass via Tridentine Form of The Mass:
Back to Teaching That The Holy Eucharist is the Unbloody Re Presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice at Calvary;

OUT With The Charismatic “Renewal”;

OUT With The Novus Ordo.

Kyrie Elaison!


False Ecumenism-“Dialogue With The Devil”

6 May

After The Magnificent Easter Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on E. 7Th Street in Manhattan’s East Village, I soon found out what I have hypothesized about Byzantine Rite Catholics:
Byzantine Rite Catholics know their Catholic Faith better than the Novus Ordo Roman Rite Catholics do.

I had a chance to speak with a Married Couple, the Same Couple I spoke with last year at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Talk about The Church Militant! In regards to all this “False Ecumenism”, reportedly The Holy See, in order to accommodate what the Woman called the “Schismatic Orthodox”, the “Filioque” of the Nicene Creed, where the Holy Spirit proceeds from The Father & The Son, was removed from the new editions of the Prayer Books, to accommodate the “Schismatic & Heretic Orthodox.” In fact, one of The Periti of the Second Vatican Council, who became Pope, Benedict XVI(Josef Ratzinger), gave the order to do so.

What this devout Catholic Woman from an Eastern Church in union with the Holy See, said is “If you dialogue with The Devil and you give in to him, he will want more because he knows your weakness.”

This Ukrainian Greek Catholic does not trust all this Phony Ecumenism, as one can see how it has worked. Modernism, which is the Synthesis of all Heresies, can be seen in the creation of a Protestantized New R C Liturgy, commonly called The Novus Ordo Mass, which has caused a huge drop in attendance in The Roman/Latin Rite, often forcing the Closure of Churches, as well as a tremendous drop in Belief of The Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist, with the coming of Holy Communion.
She isn’t trusting of Pope Francis I, what with kissing up to the Russian Orthodox Church at the Expense of the Eastern Catholic Churches. She said to me that at The Time when Pope Saint John Paul II consecrated the World To The Immaculate Heart of Mary, this didn’t follow what The Blessed Virgin Mary had desired, namely The Consecration Of Russia To Her Immaculate Heart.

The Woman also said that Father Nicholas Gruner spoke the Truth on calling for The Pope to Consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. She says to pray for the Repose of The Soul of Father Gruner.

Modernists In The Church, whether as Material or Manifest Heretics, are known for persecuting Traditionalists. We have
Seen the outright persecution of the Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate, just for offering the Tridentine Latin Mass of the 1962 Missal, because of complaints of Modernist Dissidents, on the Orders of Pope Francis I.
In the latter part of the 19th Century up into Vatican II, 1st led by Archbishop John Ireland who ran the R C Archdiocese Of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN & James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore, MD, during the Late 19th & Early 20th Century, among other Catholic Bishops of Irish Descent, the treatment of the Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic Church as if these people weren’t truly Catholic, by Gibbons & Ireland’s practice of The Americanist Heresy, as well as a group of US Catholic Bishops in 1963, asking Pope Paul VI to close all Eastern Catholic Churches in order to have all Eastern Catholics assimilated into the Roman/Latin Rite Churches. I gather that these USA Latin Rite Bishops feared that their flock might defect to Eastern Churches, on the heels of the Novus Ordo Missae.

Trust me on this one, that the Great Conversations on Modernism, are to be found at the Tridentine Latin Mass or after Divine Liturgies of The Catholic Eastern Churches.
Novus Ordo Catholics can’t stomach any of this. The Majority are way too set in their Silly Ways.

Kyrie Elaison


Fired sportscaster ignites the conversation(Canadian)

7 Mar

Damien Goddard, Catholic Canadian Sportcaster who used to work for Rogers Sportsnet & who on his own time, defended a Hockey Agent, Todd Reynolds Defence of Marriage, between A Man & Woman via Twitter, was fired by Rogers Sportsnet for the Tweet.

This firing was upheld by the Ontario “Human Rights Commission”, basically a Province Controlled “Barristers Club”, who can decide to fine and destroy Canadians, on behalf of the Gay Lobby.

In the words of Canada’s Curmudgeon of Conscience, The Redoubtable Rex Murphy to which exclamation he spoke, “Free Speech, What A Concept”, it is courtesy of those various, Politically Correct “Barrister Clubs”, sanctioned by Leftist Politicians and the Gay Lobby, that debate on the legal & moral ideas of the day, is Stifled. And Ontario is a known bastion of Modern Liberalism(Vomit, Barf, Puke & yes, Excrement, which are words used by a Most Dear Friend to vilify the Deplorably Bad Music sung at various Novus Ordo Catholic Liturgies).

But, with his new Internet Channel,, Damien is there to bring a refreshing Alternative to Politically Correct Gobbledeygook.
Give him a view-You’ll like what you see.

Thank You, Louie Verrecchio.

M, Eh!

To The Beloved Pro Lifers Headed To Washington, DC

22 Jan

This is my advice on Coverage of the Historic Event in the Fight For Life and Against Abortion:

You NOW HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITY, the major News Organizations have, to bring this story to the Rest of The World. Today’s Mobile Smartphones can be used to transmit the story of The March to The World.
Whether on Android or Apple Smartphones(And Windows Phone 8.1), there are apps, which do connect your smartphones to Live Web Broadcast Services. Veetle, Bambuser and Ustream do come to mind. Cover any part of The March, including the Journeys to and from Washington, DC. Do not wait for the Mainstream Driveby Media to report this fairly(Except For EWTN and FOX NEWS). The Mainstream Driveby Media is more concerned with coverage outside of the Russian Embassy, on Friday, where Rich, Upper West Side Of Manhattan Lancelot Limousine Liberals will protest why Russia teaches the Authentic Orthodox Christian Faith to Schoolchildren.

Cover the Speeches and Prayers. Take Wide Angle Shots.

You Are The Media. Bring Live Coverage to The World.

And Pray for the End Of Abortion.


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