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It is Time for Catholics To Go Beyond You Tube

20 Apr

Years ago, it was Public Access Cable Channels. Eventually, it was the World Wide Web. Then came Vimeo in 2004, followed by Dailymotion and then You Tube. Then the Smartphone Revolution came and one could send a Video into Cyberspace from that Smartphone. Apple came out with the iPod Touch and iPad.
Then, Live Video Streaming Networks came into being. One can make a Good News Piece on the spot.
The Evangelical Christians are using Live Video Streaming Networks for their Wednesday Night and Sunday Services. I see this all the time on Veetle, Bambuser and Ustream.

I have yet to see Lay Catholics doing this. They usually head to You Tube as a matter of habit, though Vimeo is becoming a destination. On Vimeo, it is artists who comment, not imbecilic types who have trouble spelling a 3 letter word, though they have no trouble with the 4 letter kind.

But, one with a Smartphone and the right app, can broadcast any event imaginable.

On Holy Thursday, portions of The Catholic Mass of The Lord’s Supper, were telecast live from Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, over Veetle, an Easy to use Service. Views were not bad at all.
On Good Friday, Ustream was used to televise the St. Thomas Apostle to Holy Child Jesus Walk. But, Ustream, which the experts say is THE Place to get lots of viewers, only registered 11 Views in 25 Minutes of Transmission. Ustream is actually for the pros at the Traditional Broadcasting Networks, who may carry a story which is intended for web telecast only.
Easter Vigil at Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church in Forest Hills Queens NY, was carried on Veetle and 31 views were registered. Part of the Tridentine Latin Mass of Easter Sunday, was carried by Veetle, as it handled a weak transmission signal quite well for 14 views in 11 Minutes. The Bambuser Feed failed twice and needs a stronger data signal to handle the transmission.
But two days before Palm Sunday, it handled the telecast of a portion of The Children’s Stations Of The Cross, Live from St. Pancras Roman Catholic Church in Glendale, Queens, NY. It lasted 3 Minutes and 11 Seconds, getting 18 Views.
Those of you who watch “”, the show “Mic’d Up” With Michael Voris, is carried Live on Wednesday Nights, with Live Feed on Livestream. Livestream like Ustream, caters to the Pros.

It is time to “Go Live” & preach the Good News. Many of The services are free. The Results will amaze you. You Tube is “So 2005.”

A Catholic Presence is needed.
You are The Media.

Pax Tecum!
Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

M, Eh

Two Live Video Streaming Networks New Functions

20 Apr

Veetle will be the Cultural, Religious & Entertainment Network, while Bambuser will be for news and public affairs Network.
For something outrageous.

M, Eh!

67 Years Ago Today At Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place A Man Wore #42

15 Apr

The Brooklyn Dodgers had their Home Opener at Ebbets Field.  Jackie Robinson played his 1st Game.
A child who would later own the Chicago White Sox, one Jerome Reinsdorf, was at this historic game.
Baseball’s Colour Line was broken.

Yet, it was 1972, 25 Years after Jackie’s Historic 1st Game. For the 1st of “The Boys Of Summer” had passed on. Gil Hodges was a Member of the 1955 World Championship Brooklyn Dodgers as 1st Baseman. In 1969, he managed the World Championship NY Mets.
For a greying man of colour was exiting a vehicle outside of Our Lady Help of Christians Roman Catholic Church on Avenue M in Brooklyn. He was going through Blindness as he exited the vehicle. This was in April, 1972.
#42, Jackie Robinson was seem. A frail and seriously ill man, a far cry from the Player who stole Home Plate in the 1955 World Series, he needed help to enter the Parish Church, where Gil Hodges Lay In State. The Brooklyn Dodgers decamped for Los Angeles, 15 Years Earlier.
#42, Jackie Robinson died in October, 1972, 25 Years after his 1st Season and 1st World Series.

And he is remembered 67 years later, on a rainy, chilly day in the 5 Boroughs.

By the way, the Robinson’s Babysitter, built a monument in Jackie’s Memory, as part of a new stadium, located adjacent to where Shea Stadium used to be.
The new ball park, called Citi Field, is an exterior replica of Ebbets Field, with a huge Rotunda at the entrance.
The Rotunda, which replicates the Ebbets Field Rotunda, is a multimedia tribute to Jackie Robinson and named for him.

The Babysitte? Fred Wilpon, Principal Partner in the New York Mets.

Missing from this ball park is the trolley line which ran by Ebbets Field. An elevated line runs by the ball park now, called the 7 Train.

Strange, but Ebbets Field was once served by a Rapid Transit Line called the Franklin Brighton Line.
It was also
called The 7 Line.

Remember this day for Baseball and life changed.


The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom Causes Me To Think

3 Apr

The Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is one which drives my Intellectual Sense as well as my Spiritual Sense.
OK, since I do come from the Latin(Roman)Rite, I do go to both forms of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. The Extraordinary Form Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal is what I 1st fully participated in, as a child. There would be that same Mass form in 1965, with some use of vernacular, while the Mass was offered Ad orientum, that is, facing East, in prayerful anticipation of the Return of Christ. The Offertory and Consecration continued to be offered in Latin. The Last Gospel, which is the Story of The Incarnation, which was read in Latin, was eliminated. It was in this 1965 update, when the Prayers of The Faithful, prayed after the Nicene Creed, were introduced. The Prayers of The Faithful are chanted antiphons with a response of “Lord Hear Us”(Deus Exaudinos), or “Lord Have Mercy”(Kyrie Elaison). 
It took an Ancient Catholic Liturgy to explain the Prayers of The Faithful, as well as the Communion Reception under BOTH Species, as well as the Gesture of Standing to receive Holy Communion.
But to those of the Ordinary Form of The Mass, in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgies of St John Chrysostom and St Basil Martyr, the Priest offers the Mass Ad Orientum, just like the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal.
One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church truly breathes with both Eastern and Western Lungs & it took a journey Eastward to re discover the Ordinary Form of The Mass. It is a Fascinating Journey.

I pray that this clears up many years of misconceptions. The Catholic Elements are present, just that they have an Eastern Orientation.

Pax Domine Sit Semper Vobiscum!

M, Eh!

On The 1st Sunday After Easter, How The Catholic Church Will Do It

1 Apr

OK, on Sunday, April 27th, this is how One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will handle this Sunday.
In the Latin/Roman Rite, there are two Liturgical Calendars, one for the Ordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass & The Other is for the Extraordinary Form of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. In the Ordinary Form, this is called the Second Sunday of Easter, and also known as Divine Mercy Sunday, which was established by Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great, during the 1990s. In the Extraordinary Form Tridentine Calendar, this is called the 1st Sunday After Easter.

Now, since I do worship Biritually, in that I also attend a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church called the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the 1st Sunday After Easter is called the Sunday of St. Thomas Apostle, the Sunday after Easter Week, called Bright Week in the Byzantine Rite. In all cases, this is the Season of celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, April 27th, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will be canonizing Two Saints. They are very well known to All Christians, especially in the Catholic Church.
Blessed Pope John Paul II The Great and Blessed Pope John XXIII are being Canonized as Saints in Rome at St. Peter’s Basilica.  Pope John XXIII(Angelo Roncalli) began Vatican Ecumenical Council II in 1962. He was Pope from 1958 until 1963.
Pope John Paul II was elected in October, 1978 & died in April, 2005.

And Now, Papal Saints are being Canonized on Sunday, April 27th, 2014.

One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, in all Her Diversity as The Bride of Christ, is Truly One.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!


On NY Mets Ownership-Sell the Ball Club, PUH-Lease!

31 Mar

Please SELL the club. The team will go nowhere.


M, EH!

Rain Delay To Topple Citi Field Opener

30 Mar

The NY Mets are scheduled to open at Citi Field on Monday, March 31st. They face the Washington Nationals, the only team in MLB History, never to call a US State a Home State.
The Washington Nationals, you see, are the Old Montreal Expos. It is reflected in their Road Uniforms. Whereas they once called The Canadian Province of Quebec and for two seasons for part of the season, San Juan in the US Territory of Puerto Rico, Home Base, they now call the District of Columbia, Home, in the Nation’s Capital.
Oh, Well, there is always April Fools Day on April 1st to get the Season Opener played.
This is true about March, which usually comes in Like a Lion, but, this year, it will either go out like a Lion or just a big old Bear. The Weather may have gotten a bit milder, but it is raining Cats and Dogs. It is the latest reminder of “The Winter which doesn’t want to go away.”
There isn’t a hint of spring, as no flowers have even begun to bud.

M, Eh!