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In 2017, I Won’t Bother With 5th Avenue On March 17th

20 Mar

Since as I remember the “Danger ous 1990s”, when in 1991, with the Assistance of The Dinkins Administration & Ancient Order Of Hibernians Manhattan Division 7, a crew of Quares came into The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, chanting “We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Irish, Get Used To It”, it was only a matter of time before this became The New Practice. I didn’t have ANYTHING to do with this Parade until Y2K.
In Ireland, a Formerly Catholic Nation, the Term called “Quare” means Odd. It is also to signify that one is “Fey” or “Gay.” And in the United Kingdom Of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, “Gay” means “Rubbish.” For “Gay” in the USA AND CANADA means Homosexual.
Fegula is a Latin Word for Homosexual, under the nasty sounding word “Faggot”, a word meaning simply “A Bunch Of Sticks.” The British & Irish smoke what are called “Fags”, which actually are called Cigarettes, a variation of Cigars or “Smoking Sticks.”

The Parade remained relatively Irish Catholic after The 1991 Parade, but there was a Case before the Supreme Court Of The United States of America, whose ruling stated that a Private Group has the Right to choose who they wish to associate with. This covered the Boston & New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parades. This was in 1995. In 1995, the National Ancient Order Of Hibernians ordered the Local & State AOH Groups to set up a corporation to run their local parades as Lawsuits by Homosexual Organizations were taking a grave toll via these lawsuits. Hence, The NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Inc was founded to run the Parade annually.

Did I NOT say that The 1990s were a Dangerous Time for The Parade? Yes, I did say that and it did prove to be that.

It was in 2014 that Guinness PLC & Heineken, withdrew their Sponsorships until Gay Groups were allowed to march under their own banners. In 2015, Out@NBCUniversal marched under their own banner. In 2016, through the Intervention of Politicians, both Civil & Ecclesiastical(Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, & Pope Francis I), Mayor Bill Di Blasio & Former US Ambassador to The Northern Ireland Peace Accord, Former US Senator George Kilroy Mitchell, the Group, Lavender & Green, joined The Fray.

In The Words of My Most Dear Friend, which I am adopting for 2017, “I Am So Done With This Parade.”

And, for once, I wholeheartedly agree with Mike Voris. This Parade isn’t the Least Bit Catholic, as it has become a Secular Humanist “Mardi Gras”, in exchange for Beer Sponsors.
From after the 1991 Parade until 2000, I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Here I Go AGAIN!

Kyrie Elaison!


Putin To Announce The Annexation Of Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY

22 Mar

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that a “Referendum” will be held in Southern Brooklyn, NY, to determine the will of Russians living in the strongholds of Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach and Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, NY.
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that there will be no Sanctions against Russia, welcoming them to do Real Estate Development in those neighborhoods.
A White House Spokesman, relaying a Statement from President Obama, had no comment, but Mr Obama said through a Translator “If You Want Southern Brooklyn, you can have Southern Brooklyn.”

M, Eh!

It Is Not Out of Concern For Horses

20 Mar

The Stable for Horses on West 58th Street, which are used for Horse Drawn Cab Rides, is being threatened with extinction by “Horse Lover”, Mayor Bill De Blasio.
Don’t believe that Feigned Love for even 1 Second, as Politicians are noted for utter cunning. They are often looking for Development Cash to fund their campaigns as well as a Rather Comfortable Lifestyle.
The Concern for the poor horses is window dressing. This is all about “Eminent Domain”, now meaning that someone will get property for less than it would cost in the marketplace.
Horse Drawn Cab Drivers would be thrown out of work because of so called “Animal Rights Lovers”, many of whom wouldn’t give a hoot for a Human Life(Child In The Womb), with the “Animal Rights Lovers”, being cover for Real Estate Interests, who are looking to add another skyscraper to the Manhattan Skyline, like Manhattan needs another Tower made of glass and steel.
Another Scheme, Another Few Billion dollars!

M, Eh!

“Welcome To New Pyongyang-No Horse Drawn Cab Rides”

10 Mar

Why am I calling Bill Di Blasio’s New York City, New Pyongyang? Why Not, as he plans to rid the Central Park Roads of any charm, not to mention throwing Legal Immigrants out of Work in Bill’s “Democratic Republic.”
Note the words “Democratic Republic”, as they are mostly used by places like North Korea. The People of NYC have no idea that they have elected a Communist, while he was under the banner of The Democratic Party. New York City will have all the Colourless Charm of East Berlin before the Fall of The Berlin Wall.
But what do I really suspect is that for the West 58th Street home of Carriage Horses, the real fate of the Horse Home is that a Gary Barnett(Read Developer) has his eyes on the property.
And the charm dies and another building rises. It will be another “Ministry of Money, devoid of Charm.”

In “New Sochi”, Be Prepared To Become “Lake Placid”, Dear New York Brethren

23 Feb

With all of this “Sochi Winter” Weather here in New York’s 5 Boroughs, “New Sochi Weather” is ending in about 15 Hours.
It is STILL WINTER. I realize that Reality often BITES.
THE SNOW IS RETURNING. There is a Snow Watch for Tuesday & Wednesday and again on Friday.
The Sochi Winter Olympiad is Over. And NYC returns to Cold Form.

Nevertheless, Thank You Lord God of All Creation for the break which allowed for melting of all that Heavy Snow.

Deum  De Deo, Lumen De Lumine!
Deo Gratias!


For NYC Weather, It Will Be CBC Radio One Montreal

5 Feb

As one who posts from New York’s Five Boroughs, especially Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan, it is most unusual, but the most accurate Weather has come from CBC Radio One Montreal’s “Montreal Morning.”
CBC News App via iPod Touch, relayed storm or US Election Information, quicker and better than Anything here in the USA, including NYC. CBC Radio One Montreal is a Real Pearl of Information.  CBC is the 1st Non US Network I viewed & listened to. I will be tuning in overnight & early in the morning.

Eh, that’s great!


A Little Early But It Has Started To Snow

21 Jan

The Arctic Vortex is back & Snow has arrived in New York. Almost a Foot is expected.

It is Winter After All.


One Dictator Is Gone. Will The Hammer & Sickle Fly Atop New York’s City Hall, Next?

3 Jan

For 12 Years, Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of The City of New York. He was something of a Benign Dictator. The Expression “Don’t Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em”, became a watch phrase.
He at least lived in his own mansion & was paid $1 per Year as he is a multi billionaire.
Enjoy Bermuda, as it is snowing.

The Hammer & Sickle Are Ready:

Warren William De Blasio Wilhelm, now known as Mayor Bill De Blasio, was born on The Island of Manhattan, in New York City & raised in Cambridge, MA, where the “T” Red Line Terminates. The “A” Branch of the “T” Green Line also ends in Cambridge. The “T” is the MBTA or Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. This is the 2nd Mayor of New York City to have been raised in the Boston Area, the 1st being Michael Bloomberg.
But, De Blasio once went in cahoots with the Marxist Sandanistas in Nicaragua. Hence my crack about the Hammer & Sickle flying above City Hall.

It will be interesting. As my Most Dear Friend put it, “Our Commie Mayor & his plot Family.”

Happy 2014


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